Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th December 2020 Written Update: Vansh is using Ahana against Ridhima and Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh telling Ridhima that he wants the upcoming 2021 to be lucky for them and their love, he wants to write a story that will be remembered for ages. Ridhima says that she loves him and the two hug.

Ahana looks at them. She holds someone’s hand. That person takes her aside. It’s Kabir. He claps for her and says that her style is amazing, the way she talks looking straight into the eyes. Ahana tells him that she told Ridhima everything about Vansh in order that she will suspect him. Kabir remembers arresting Anupriya and says that the day for Vansh and Ridhima’s couple to end isn’t far. He pulls Ahana closer and says that she did a good job since her entry has already shown its effects. Ahana says that she is doing everything for him. He warns her that she shouldn’t try to double-cross him because he is not Vansh and there is no sorry word in his dictionary. He tells her what she has to do.

The next morning, Ridhima wakes up and gets shocked seeing blood on her hands. She jumps off the bed seeing blood on the bed too but she gets a bigger shock when she sees “every love story that has made history was incomplete” written with blood on floor. She recalls Ahana saying that Vansh doesn’t love her but then she brushes off the thought and wonders who is doing all this. She walks out of the room. Someone was hiding behind curtains.

The mysterious person pushes Ridhima into the storeroom, blindfolds her eyes, ties her legs and feet and covers her mouth when she is trying to shout for help.

At the same time, Vansh is wondering where Ridhima is. He asks Ishani where she was. Ishani tells him that she had gone for the morning check up. Aryaan and Chanchal tell Vansh where they were busy at too. Vansh is frustrated because Ridhima is nowhere to be found and he is scared that she might be in a problem. Ishani says that she might be normally roaming around. Vansh says that he feels like she is in problem and asks them to pray he is wrong and anyway, even if she is in some danger, he will save her.

Ridhima has been put on a stool with hands and feet ties and there is a rope around her neck. Vansh searches for Ridhima who prays for God to protect her. Vansh finds Ridhima’s earing and opens the door of the storeroom. The rope around Ridhima’s neck was connected to it and as soon as he opens the door, she gets lifted up and the stool falls. Vansh is shocked to see that. He shoots at the rope which gets broken and Ridhima falls down safely.

Vansh rushes to her and says that he won’t spare whoever has tried to kill her. Ridhima cries and asks how he will find the person since everyone in the house is her enemy and now Kabir has come too. She hugs him and says that she is scared. She tells him what happened in the morning and how she got locked in the car in the party night. Vansh asks her not to worry and promises to end the game of whoever the culprit is.

Vansh walks away and reaches Ahana pointing gun at her. She is shocked. He asks her how she dared trying to kill his wife and wants to punish her for that. Ahana says that she did nothing. Vansh warns her not to cross her limits and says that Ridhima must not be harmed at all. Ahana laughs and says that he has crossed all limits and is asking her not to do that. She says that she has not seen anyone like him who wants to take revenge but not give pain.

Vansh says that this is the particularity of love: pain cannot be given but it is not possible to bear it as well. He asks her to do what she is asked to do only. He wants to give Ridhima the same pain she gave him. He says that Ridhima thinks Kabir is doing all this but she doesn’t know she is doing it with Kabir. The latter thinks he has planted her into his life but he doesn’t know he is the mastermind of the game and brought her in the house to use her against him. He says that both his enemies, Ridhima and Kabir, are his puppets now.

Episode ends

Precap: Vansh tells Ahana that he wants to give Ridhima the same wound she has given him punishing her.

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