Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th January 2021 Written Update: Vansh reveals the truth related to his past

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir switching on a computer and a flashback is shown where it was Kabir who was listening to Vansh’s phone conversation and while he was talking on the phone, Kabir puts a camera on his coat cuflings. Kabir says he had to do this to keep an eye on Vansh. Kabir says he is still not able to understand what is Vansh’s plan. Aryan says maybe Vansh is going to confess his mistake, Kabir says no it’s not so easy to confess about a crime which you did years ago, also Vansh would not have been so confident if he was going to confess. Kabir says Vansh should not succeed at any cost.

Vansh and Riddhima come for their reception.
Everyone starts to perform.

First Ishani and Angre dance on jaha teri ye nazar hai song. Everyone enjoys. Next Aryan dances on saara zamana haseeno ka deewana.
Aryan dances with Dadi on tu cheez badi hai mast, everyone enjoys.
Siya too participates. Everyone dances together.

Meanwhile, Ridhhima looks at Vansh and thinks that Vansh is looking so confident as if he is not afraid of anything, she thinks now just like that she too wants her fear to also go away soon.

Vansh gets up and the lights go off, Kabir says it is my special performance for you too, he dances on Nayak Nahi Khalnayak hoon mai. Vansh is about to go somewhere, Kabir pulls him and takes him to dance along and thinks he will not let Vansh win.

Vansh goes somewhere, he is seen talking on the phone that the plan is ready and nothing will happen, he says he will tell the plan when he’ll meet the person he is talking on the phone with. He says remember my promise, nothing is going to happen.

Kabir while going after Vansh sees the coat lying and a flashback is shown where Vansh sees the camera on his sleeves and puts off the coat. Kabir is angry and says you are lucky today but he will not let Vansh succeed today.

The announcement is made of Vansh and Riddhima’s performance. Ridhima is thinking about what if Vansh is proven guilty today, she thinks she hopes she is wrong.

Vansh and Ridhhima dances on humko tumse ho gaya hai pyaar.
After their performance, Vansh takes the mic and says the night is still not over and a powerpack performance of today’s night is still left.
He shows a yellow paper to everyone and asks the color of it, he puts light on it and the color is now orange. Vansh says just like that we have different people and different stories in our lives but the truth can only be one. Vansh says he is going to reveal a truth from his past. Vansh asks the person related to his truth to just understand him.

Vansh reveals in 1996 he was involved in a dangerous car accident that took the lives of 2 innocent people. He was 15 years old back then.

Vansh says the two people who died that day were not Riddhima’s parents but Kabir’s father. Riddhima is shocked. Vansh says he didn’t knew that Anupriya mom was still in touch with Kabir’s father and that day they both were together. Vansh tries to make Kabir understand that this all was a mistake.

Kabir is angry and beats Vansh. Kabir is furious. They both fight and point guns at each other. Ridhhima shouts Kabir and a gun sound is heard. Everyone is shocked. The bullest misses Vansh, Ridhima runs and asks Vansh is he okay. Ridhima scolds Kabir how dare he. Vansh tries to make Kabir understand that it was an accident not a murder and he has already paid for his mistake.
Kabir thinks he got a new purpose to fight this battle and he will decide Vansh’s punishment now. Ridhhima thanks god that her fear did not came true.

Ishani scolds her about not trusting Vansh. Vansh tells Ishani that Ridhhima is also a daughter, anyone in her place would have done what Ridhhima did. Ridhhima pities herself about not fulflling her wife duties and not trusting Vansh.
Everyone goes.

Ridhhima says Vansh is proven innocent and now she will fulfill the punishment she decided for her.

Riddhima throws the glass bottles and walks over it as her punishment to doubt Vansh. Vansh shouts and saves her. Riddhima cries and apologies to Vansh.

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