Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th November 2020 Written Update : Vihaan enters the VR Mansion as Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima thinking that Vihaan didn’t come so hers one was just an illusion. Ridhima and Kabir exchange garlands. He whispers that he told her this wedding will happen and she should get used to be called Mrs Kabir. Ridhima thinks she’d rather die. They continue the wedding rituals. Dadi wishes Vansh was there. Kanyadaan has to be done and Kabir asks Dadi to do that. Dadi does that and wonders why God snatched her Vansh from her. Kabir thanks her and then whispers to Ridhima that the person who loves her the most has given her to him. Ridhima looks at the door and thinks that Vihaan has left no option for her.

The pandit says that the groom can make the bride wear mangalsutra but Kabir gets shocked to see that the mangalsutra isn’t in the box. Anupriya asks where it is. Pandit says that the wedding cannot happen without mangalsutra. Kabir threats Ridhima that it will be the last night for her family if she is behind hiding the mangalsutra. Ridhima looks at Ishani who is smirking and understands she has done this, helping her unknowingly. Ishani recalls getting the mangalsutra. None is able to find the mangalsutra. Angre asks Ishani if she has taken the mangalsutra. Ishani shows it near her. Angre tells her that she has done a good job.

Kabir hiddenly passes some money to the Pandit who takes it and then says that the groom can make the bride wear the mangalsutra the following day at this same time and the wedding will be considered completed. She asks them to stand up for the vows. Ridhima and Kabir start taking vows. Ridhima remembers her moments with Vansh.

They start taking the seventh vow. Ridhima thinks she has tried hard to stop this wedding but in vain and she cannot let this happen while in life so she has just one way left and that will take her closer to Vansh. Ridhima thinks to end her. She looks at the fire.

Suddenly a lot of smoke comes and everyone backs off from mandap. Kabir tells Ridhima that not even God can stop this wedding. Ridhima reminds him that she said she’d rather die than marrying him. She takes out a poison bottle and is about to sip it.

Before Ridhima can have the poison, Vihaan walks in as Vansh and says that the wedding cannot happen. Everyone is shocked to see him. Ridhima smiles. Dadi falls down. Ridhima runs to him and hugs him. He hugs her back. Dadi says that her Vansh is back. Ridhima whispers to Vihaan that this is not the way to show up and asks why he wasn’t picking up her calls. He replies that hero’s entry happens like this only.

Vihaan holds Ridhima’s hand and walks ahead asking Kabir whether he won’t welcome Vansh Raisinghania who is back to his reign. He takes blessings from Dadi who says that she believes to God more than before now. Vihaan says that she had to get back the fruits of doing all those hawans. He hugs her.

Anupriya wonders how this is possible. She says that she hasn’t ever seen such a nightmare and asks Kabir what to do now. Kabir asks her to relax and handle the situation. Kabir is sure that this is not Vansh.

Ishani stops Vihaan. Ridhima wonders if she suspects that he isn’t Vansh. Vihaan apologizes to Ishani since she suffered so much. Ishani cries and says that it isn’t fair. Vihaan promises to keep her happier. Ishani asks him to promise first that he won’t leave them ever again. He promises that and they hug. He asks about Siya. She tells him that she is back home but still in coma.

Vihaan assures her that everything will be fine now that he is back. Vihaan meets Angre and then moves to Chanchal asking him to bring at least a fake smile on her face. She says that she is happy but he is just looking different as he has no beard. He replies that in hospital they changed his face a bit while treating him.

Anupriya emotionally meets Vihaan and says that she was praying for him getting saved. Vihaan tells that he fell on trees and a villager rescued him. He tells the exact story that Ridhima had explained him to tell.

Vihaan goes to stand in front of Kabir and says that he thought to surprise the family but he didn’t expect to get surprised himself seeing him among her family. Kabir questions about his wounds getting healed in just 16 days. He shows one wound on his arm and replies that wounds on body heals but not those inflicted on heart. Anupriya wonders if she came to know about her betrayal.

Vihaan asks what Kabir is doing there. Ishani reveals that he is the long lost children of Anupriya. Vansh notices how coincidentally the lost kid came back all grown up in front of his mother. Chanchal defines it a miracle but Vansh says that it’s all a big coincidence and everyone believed the story. Chanchal blames Ridhima for giving Kabir the permission to stay.

Episode ends

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