Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st December 2020 Written Update: Ridhima tries finding out who attacked her

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh and Ridhima giving a dance performance on “Makhna” song for new year celebration. Then the story restarts from the point it ended in the last episode.

Vansh tells Ahana that he didn’t kill Ridhima because death is not enough as punishment for her. He says that she thinks he doesn’t know her truth but he knows she came in the mansion to spoil his life. Ahana points out that Ridhima blindly trust him and even took bullet for him. He says that he wants that only: he wants her to suffer and break like she broke his heart and trust. He wants to break her so much that the second time anyone will think twice before trying to betray him. He gives Ahana the responsibility of the next attack.

Ahana says that she will handle it but reminds him about what he has to give her. Vansh says that he never backs off from his commitments. Ahana seals the deal and they shake hands. Vansh says that Ridhima has given him a very big betrayal so she needs to be taught a lesson. He instructs Ahana to win Kabir’s trust so that he believes she is with him. He will create such situations that will make Ridhima think that whatever is happening with her is a plan by Ahana and Kabir.

Ridhima is searching for Vansh and is scared that he might do something wrong since he left angrily with loaded gun. Ahana says that Ridhima’s life will get ruined by his masterplan. He replies that he wants to give Ridhima what she deserves only. Ridhima hears his voice and goes to check but only Ahana is there. She asks whether Vansh was there. Ahana says no. She wonders why she felt so then. Vansh is hiding behind curtain and recalls hiding on time.

Later, Ridhima tries calling Vansh worried because he isn’t picking up her calls. Vansh comes and she hugs him asking where he went in so much anger. Vansh assures her that he won’t go anywhere far from her since she has so much left to do yet. He gives Ridhima a gift. Ridhima unwraps it and there is a board. She doesn’t understand what it is.

 Vansh says that he will explain her. He puts the board on the floor and then both of them leave their footprint on it. Vansh signs it. Ridhima stares at him and thinks that Vansh loves her a lot and cannot ever harm her. She wonders why Ahana said what she said. Vansh asks her if she is thinking about Ahana. Ridhima says yes and tells him that she finds her strange. Vansh suggests her not to overthink but Ridhima is sure that Ahana is not as innocent as she looks. Vansh doesn’t agree with her. Ridhima asks what if she proves that she has come with a purpose.

Vansh says that he won’t spare anyone who betrays him and then leaves to attend a call. Ridhima is keen on finding out Ahana’s purpose and bring it in front of Vansh. She wonders if she is behind all the attacks.

On the other hand, Ishani finds a chit on which there is written “I know what you did last night”. Aryan and Chanchal find a note saying “I know you attacked Ridhima last night and soon this will be out in front of Vansh”.

Aryan wonders if Vansh left it but Chanchal finds Ridhima’s earring and says that it must have been surely Ridhima. Kabir finds a similar chit too with another earring of Ridhima. He is sure that Ridhima is thinking about something big and regrets involving her in his plan to destroy Vansh, being unaware of her smartness.

Ridhima thinks that everyone must have got her note and soon the one who attacked her last night will come to attack her again.

Later, Ridhima is seen checking some files when the masked person covers her mouth with an handkerchief. Ridhima pretends to get unconscious and suddenly grabs the attacker removing the mask. It’s Ahana. Ridhima says that her suspect was right: she is the one who attacked her. Ridhima says that she cannot stay in this house anymore.

Episode ends

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