Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima escapes from the abortion center

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima pushing the nurse away. She holds the doctor and puts the knife on her neck. She says she will not let anything happen to her child. She moves towards the door. She pushes the doctor and comes out of operation and closes the door. Vansh is seen driving the car. He calls the doctor and asks him not to do abort Riddhima’s baby. The doctor says Riddhima hasn’t come here. Otherside Riddhima is looking for the way to get out of the hospital. She feels dizzy and hits on a stretcher and falls down.

The wardboys come there looking for Riddhima. The latter is shown lying on the stretcher fully covered with the white cloth. The wardboys ignore it thinking it’s a deadbody. Riddhima thanks God. She tries to get up, but feels dizziness and gets unconscious. Vansh informer tells him that Riddhima’s name isn’t found in any abortion center, either there’s a misunderstanding or his wife went to an unregistered clinic. Two wardboys take Riddhima to the cremation ground thinking it’s a dead body.

Vansh recalls the informer’s words. He stops the car and wonders how to reach Riddhima. He falls on his knees and remembers how Riddhima tried to convince him to accept the child. He says he didn’t understand when she tried to explain him and when he wants to be a part of parenthood, my baby is going away from him. He shouts Riddhima. He cries asking how he will forgive himself and forgive Riddhima.

Vansh prays to God to stop this abortion and gives a clue to reach Riddhima. The wardboy put Riddhima on the bed made with firewood. The priest asks the wardboy to perform the funeral rituals and then burn the body. The ward does so. Vansh hears the temple bells ringing. He goes there and prays to Goddess to stop Riddhima from doing a sin. He climbs the steps by knees. His knees start bleeding. He lights a camphor and puts it on his palm. He prays to God not to punish Riddhima and the baby for his mistake, he begs to show him where’s Riddhima.

He does Goddess’ aarti and requests to give him a chance to rectify his mistake. Riddhima gains consciousnes and wakes up. She gets down from the firewoods. She notices the wardboys and runs away. The doctor informs his boss that Riddhima has escaped from them. The person asks her to kill Riddhima. The doctor phones the wardboy and orders to kill Riddhima. He shoots her, but Riddhima escapes.

Kabir suspects Chanchal and Aryan to be behind Riddhima’s abortion and enquires them. He asks them to tell the truth. Aryan says he himself hates Vansh then why he suddenly cares for Vansh and Riddhima’s baby. Kabir aims the gun at Aryan and then at Chanchal asking them to tell the truth. He warns them and leaves from there. Riddhima is seen hiding behind a bike. The wardboys decide to split and search for Riddhima.

The latter remembers doctor showing Vansh sign in the form. He says she never thought he can do like this, but now he has to pay for his deed. Vansh receives Angres call. He says he didn’t get any clue about Riddhima and adds that there are 3 unregistered clinic nearby by their house and suggests to search there and will sent the address. Vansh says he’s coming there, they have to find Riddhima at any cost.

Vansh and Angre are returned home. Angre informs Dadi that they couldn’t find Riddhima anywhere, they searched in all hospitals. Sia asks why Riddhima will suddenly disappear. Dadi asks how they will find her. Vansh angrily leaves from there. He goes to his room and opens the window. Due to heavy wind, his and Riddhima’s photo fram3 falls and broke. Vansh closes the window. He picks the photo and says he doesn’t know where she’s, why she take the decision that they will regret whole life. They three could be together. He prays that Riddhima and his baby should be fine. He hugs her the photo asking her to come back home. Riddhima reaches home and shouts Vansh.

The episode ends.

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