Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th January 2021 Written Update: Ridhima decides to kill Kabir for Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh shouting at Ridhima who is crying and blaming her for betraying him in exchange of all that he has given to her. Ridhima is about to say something but he covers her mouth grabbing her and shouting that she left him.

Ridhima cries. He leaves her. She notices that his clothes are about to get burnt by a candle and rushes to him moving her. She accepts that her past was different but today she loves and trusts him a lot. She hugs him and says that she is ready to get punished every day if he is hurt. Vansh breaks the hug and asks her if she will do what he will ask for. Ridhima says that she can do anything even give her life.

Vansh puts a finger on her lips and says that she doesn’t need to give her life to prove her love but she must take someone’s life. He asks whether she can kill a person for him. The person is Kabir. Ridhima is stunned and asks how she can take anyone’s life. Vansh says that there is no other way to prove her love and truth and it is in her hands whether she wants to do it or not. He says that she should give death to the person who sent her to him as enemy and ends the circle that he had started. He adds that she crossed a limit for Kabir and now she has to cross a bigger limit for him: he knows it isn’t easy but it isn’t easy to get his love as well.

He gives her to choice of a future with or without him. Someone is overhearing them and a shadow is seen. Vansh says that tomorrow there is a pooja in their house and if she does this then he will accept her. He asks her not to think much since Kabir is a devil and a devi has to kill a devil. He leaves. The shadow was Ahana’s. She looks at Ridhima who is shattered.

Later, Ahana confronts Vansh and asks whether taking someone’s life is a joke to him? Vansh says that she is a good spy and asks her to leave him alone. Ahana snatches the papers that he is reading and says that taking Kabir’s life was not in their deal. She asks whether he is thinking about something else except their plan and doing with her what he is doing with Kabir and his own wife.

Vansh asks her what makes her think that he will answer her. He says that he can do whatever he wants. Ahana asks if he still loves Ridhima. Vansh says that Ridhima’s love is the second name of pain in his life but now he wants to see what limits can Ridhima reach for his love. He warns Ahana not to come in between her plans. He walks away. Ahana says that she won’t let him play with her and thinks she has to do something.

Ridhima looks at the her and Vansh’s photo frame and cries recalling their romantic moments together. Title track plays. She sits on the floor looking at the frame and crying. She says that she has to prove her love today to the person from whom she taught the meaning of love and that too by taking someone’s life. She wishes Vansh could understand her love for him and forgive her. She recalls Vansh asking her to kill Kabir to prove her love. She decides to pay the price to prove her love even though it is difficult.

The next morning Kabir is shocked to learn from Ahana that Ridhima is going to try to kill him. Kabir laughs and says that he doesn’t like jokes. He asks why she would try to kill him. Ahana replies that he is the person who stopped Ridhima from throwing her out so she hates him. Kabir says that Ridhima is smart and can manipulate anyone but she cannot kill anyone. Ahana asks him not to take this lightly. She is worried because Ridhima might get successful to kill Kabir and that will lead to Vansh forgiving her after which he won’t fulfil the promise he made to her. Kabir sees her tensed and asks her not to worry.

In the evening, the pooja takes place in the hall. Ridhima takes some sindoor in her hand and Vansh whispers to her that he hopes her hands will get red by Kabir’s blood. Ahana looks at them and thinks that Vansh cannot break the promise he made to her. It’s Kabir and Ahana’s turn to do pooja. Vansh tells Ridhima that she has fifteen minutes to prove whether her love is true passion or fake. He hands over a gun to Ridhima who is shocked to see it saying that this gift might make her difficult work easier. He says that she lost one minute just to think and now she has just fourteen minutes left.

Episode ends

Precap: Vansh asks Ridhima to go and prove her love: she has just ten minutes left. Kabir gets a call and goes out to attend it. Ridhima goes out and aims the gun at Kabir thinking to prove her love to her today by killing her past. A gun shot is heard.

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