Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th March 2021 Written Update: An intoxicated Vansh pours his heart out to Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the red gloves man meeting Anupriya. The latter says Riddhima was emotionally and physically broken while escaping from the abortion center, so it’s impossible for her child to survive and there will be nothing fine between Vansh and Riddhima, so their relationship will not survive. The person shows a thumbs up.

Riddhima reaches home and shouts Vansh. The latter rushes to her and hugs her. Everyone comes there. He says thank God she came back and asks if their child is safe. Riddhima pushes him saying to stop his rubbish. She asks how he dared to say their child when he killed him/her with his own hands.

Aryan asks how she can talk like this to Vansh. Riddhima shuts him saying this is between her and Vansh none have rights to speak. She asks if he’s not celebrating, he didn’t want to become dad, he was waiting to hear saying that he’s not becoming dad. She congratulates him saying his wish got fulfilled. She reminds him that she met him for the first time, he said in VR mansion everything happens according to Vansh’s will. He holds his coller and yells why he killed her child, why he forcibly sent her to the abortion her, he was even ready to kill her for that.

Vansh denies it. Riddhima yells she never that he will do like this, but she saw his sign in the consent letter, he gave permission to abort her child. She congratulates him again saying he’s free from all responsibility of a father, he has killed an innocent child. Vansh says he can’t believe that she can cook such a disgusting story to target him, she herself took the decision to abort the child and now she is putting all blame on him.

Riddhima yells that she doesn’t want to see the face of her child’s murderer. Vandh shouts Riddhima. Riddhima also shouts Vansh. Riddhima says he won while a mother got defeated. He adds that he didn’t want to become dad, he will never become one and leaves from there. Everyone cries while Anupriya, Chanchal and Aryan smirks.

Anupriya meets the red gloves man. He asks in sign what happened. She says their plan got successful, Riddhima lost her child. He claps his hands. Riddhima comes to the room. She closes the door and sits down merging her back to the door. She cries apologizing to Vansh for putting such a big blame on him, she knows he’s innocent and he can never do like this. She recalls Rudra’s words, and all the attcks happened on her. She says that wasn’t his signature, he doesn’t write the R like that, he’s not behind her abortion. He can never kill an innocent child.

She says sorry hugging Vansh’s photo frame, but she has to do this. She says that she feels like that person still keeps an eye on them, so it’s necessary to make him believe that he succeeded in his plan and she feels that he still will try to attack her. Otherside Anupriya tells the person that they have to remove Riddhima completely from Vansh’s life.

Riddhima says she will punish him when she will catch him red handed, she will answer in his own language, but till that she has to stay away from Vansh. She further adds it won’t be easy for her nor for him, but she has to hide everything from him, by God’s grace nothing happened to their child, he/she is safe. She is determined to punish the person, who tried to snatch her child, her husband and her life.

Vansh comes back to his room fully drunken. He says she asked him to celebrate his child’s death so he’s celebrating and she should also celebrate. She tries to stop him from drinking more. He asks her to drink. She pushes him and he drops the bottle. He says he’s doing what she asked for. He says he can’t defeat his fear and because of this fear he can’t express the happiness of becoming a dad nor he can admit the responsibility of a father, he’s scared that someone harm his child to take revenge on him, and asks how he can harm his child.

He further says she snatched his happiness, he has overcome his fear for her and his child’s sake, but snatched that reason, she wants to make him world’s best father, but today she snatched the right to become a father from him. He says he has hurt him. Riddhima cries and is about to tell him the truth, but stops seeing a shadow near window. He apologizes to Vansh that she can’t tell him the truth until she finds the culprit.

Riddhima says time doesn’t wait for anyone, he’s too late. She is in more pain than him, he doesn’t deserve to become a dad. Vansh angrily holds Riddhima’s shoulder. Riddhima notices that the shadow left. Vansh releases her and loses unconscious. Riddhima cares his hairs and says she’s happy that he defeated his fear, their child is alive, this news will his life’s biggest news, when he’s with her none can harm his child. She determined to expose the culprit.

The episode ends.

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