Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Update : Kabir shocks Rddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rddhima telling her plan to Vihaan. The latter gets shocked. He asks she is doing everything for property. How she can betray dadi. He says he can’t do. Rddhima says he’s under contract. He has to do what she’s telling. Vihaan says how disgusting she’s. She’s betroying the one who love you more.

Rddhima thinks she’s taking the danger on her. Kabir can go to any extent to get the property. She doesn’t care even if Kabir kills her, but she won’t let anything happen to her family. Rddhima says to think whatever he wants. She is paying him for his work. Vihaan asks what he will get in return. Rddhima says she is already paying him high salary. He can reveal the truth if he wants, but he will not get the remaining money. She asks to think of Golden eggs story. She lays down. Vihaan looks at her. Rddhima thinks of Vansh. She thinks their faces matches but there’s lot of differences between Vansh and Vihaan. Vihaan thinks he will write the climax of golden eggs.

Haryan question Kabir how he can say it’s not Vansh but he’s look like when face, behavior everything is same to same. Kabir says let me get the proof. He will put both Rddhima and the imposter out of the house. He says Rddhima is the master mind. He says they should be behind the bar. Kabir thinks she did wrong by giving Vansh place to a criminal. He is going to reveal soon the truth.

Lawyer visits VR mansion. Riddhima thinks Vihaan stated working on her plan. The lawyer tells the property cannot be transferred for some months since law need some more confirmation as Police announced him dead. A FB shown wherevKabir threatens the lawyer to delay the property transfer matter to which the lawyer agrees. FB ends. Dadi says everything will be settled soon. Vihaan says his real wealth is her, her love and her blessings. He takes her blessings. He is doing that for her to lessen her work.

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Ishaani tells to Haryan Dadi brought up Vansh if he’s not Vansh will not she gets to know. He’s Vansh bhai. Everyone leaves. Rddhima worries thinking now Vihaan have to spend more time here to finish the work and more chances to get caught. Kabir looks at Riddhima smirking. He thinks she caught in her own trap. He will soon expose her in front all. He leaves.

Vihaan says it will takes months for the work to complete. He says his salary have to increase 10% every month. He asks for an increment to which she says she is already paying him high. He won’t get any increment even he acts as Vansh for a whole year. She says not to blackmail her. Vihaan asks her to think. Rddhima asks him to do whatever he can. He’s not going get anything doing all this.

Ishaani brings a chocolate cakes and asks Vihaan to have a bite. Vihaan stops her. He speaks rudely with her which shocks Ishaani. Rddhima apologizes to Ishaani on behalf of Vansh. He must be stressed due to office work. He did mean whatever he said. Ishaani angrily asks did I asked you. She leaves from there.

Rddhima wonders why Vihaan reacted like that. She goes to talk to him. Kabir and Haryan come out of their hiding. He smirks saying that I told lawyers words will shock them. Haryan says he doesn’t understand why Vansh bhai got suddenly angry. Kabir says because he’s not your Vansh bhai. He adds Vansh has to wait for months and before he will expose him. They have to prove he’s not an imposter the remaning things will happen itself.

Vihaan is playing piano. Rddhima stops Vihaan saying this is Vansh’s piano. She asks if he thinks everything is a joke, her family is at risk. Vansh loved his family and he never shouted at anyone without any strong reason. Why he behave rudely with Ishaani who has brought cake for him. If he doesn’t want to it. He can simply refuse it. What’s the need to be rude with her. Ishaani loves Vansh. She must have started doubting him.

Ishaani says cryingly to Angre that maybe he was right. Vansh never scolded her for her any mistakes. Today without any reason he behaved rudely with her. He can’t be her Vansh bhai. Angre offers handkerchief which Ishaani takes. Angre says he will no one take his boss place. He has a plan to prove whether he’s Vansh or not. Ishaani says she will not leave him if it’s proved he is not Vansh. He will punish him for playing with their feelings and for trying to take Vansh’s place.

Vihaan angrily says to Rddhima he got demotivated. she is asking to betray Dadi, the only person with whom he got attached. This is not acceptable. He adds that there are few conditions in his contract that are not accepted. They will first decide about it then will about the remaining. He continues playing the piano. Rddhima says he does not how she arranged 48 lakhs and she can’t give him more. Vihaan says she’s doing wrong. He says if she doesn’t agree with his conditions he will sign off from this plan. Rddhima says fine. Vihaan says he wants triple of his salary. Ishaani and Angre comes there. Ishaani asks what triple.

Vihaan lies he hurt her so he was telling to Rddhima that he will bake triple layer chocolate cake for Ishaani. He apologizes to Ishaani. Ishaani says she understands. She says she has an idea to relieve his stress. Angre shows the basketball. He says he’s master in this game. Whenever he stressed, he plays this game. Rddhima is shocked. She thinks she didn’t even ask Vihaan if he knows to play basketball. She worries what if he doesn’t know. She has to handle the situation.

Kabir comes there saying great idea. He says it’s his favorite game too. He says they will make the game more interesting with some conditions. One side him another side Vansh. They will select team with tossing the coin. Rddhima thinks they started to have doubt on Vihaan.

They want to know though basketball whether he’s Vansh or not. This is not a game but a trap. She prays in mind that Vihaan should refuse. Vansh is the master of basketball and the truth will come out. Vihaan looks towards Riddhima. Kabir thinks Vihaan got scared. Vihaan says he loves challenges. He accepts to play which shocks everyone. Vihaan leaves giving the ball to Kabir. Riddhima remembers Kabir’s words. She thinks whether her fight will end or not depends on this game.

The episode ends.

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