Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima receives a parcel from Rudra

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anupriya meeting the red glove man and saying that everything is going according to their plan. The distance that child’s death brought between Riddhima and Vansh can never be removed. She recalls how she overheard Riddhima and Vansh’s conversation. She further says that Riddhima snatched everything from her and she feels peace seeing her in pain. They celebrate their victory by toasting.

The man is about to leave. Anupriya points a gun at him and says that he knows her all secret so she can’t take any risk by leaving him alive. That was their last toast. The man pushes her down and pours kerosene over her and lights the match. Anupriya shouts no closing her eyes. When she opens her eyes, she finds none. She realizes that it’s only water and sees a threatening note on the mirror. She gets furious and breaks the mirror. She decides to end Riddhima before her partner can reveal her truth. She takes a bomb and says she will attach it on Riddhima’s body and nothing will be left for her funeral.

Vansh wakes up from sleep. He finds the broken glass piece and wonders what happened last night. Riddhima brings lemon water for his hangover. As he refuses to drink, she makes him drink it. He finds red marks on her arm and asks who did it. Riddhima asks him to leave her. He gets flashes of him holding tightly Riddhima’s arm. He hurts himself by punching the mirror. His knuckles start bleeding. Riddhima holds his hand and shouts if he has gone mad. Vansh says he should be punished for hurting her and adds that he need to feel the same pain, she doesn’t need to care for him. He leaves from there. Riddhima thinks he’s not bad, but they’re surrounded by people who wants bad for them.

Anupriya sneaks into Vansh room and set bombs timer after 5 hours and says Riddhima will come to this room to have her medicine after 5 hours and her game will be over. She fixes the bomb under the night table. A courrier boy brings a parcel for Riddhima. Aryan asks him to give the parcel to him since they’re same family. The courrier boy says this is confidential and he got instructions to give it to Riddhima. Chanchal asks the name of the sender.

The courrier boy reads Rudra Rai Singhania. Ishani says what rubbish, Rudra is her deceased uncle. The courrier boy says the booking was done 10 days before and he instructed to give it to Riddhima if he doesn’t come to take it in 10 days. They all look shocked and wonder what’s inside that box. Aryan says Riddhima isn’t here and asks to give the parcel to him. Riddhima says she’s here. The courrier boy gives her the parcel saying Rudra had sent it for her. Riddhima is startled. She remembers Rudra’s words before he dies and cries. She finds Aryan, Chanchal and Ishani looking at her and thinks that she shouldn’t open the parcel here.

Vansh tells Angre that they need to focus on the lost diamonds for his family’s security and adds that he thinks of selling his most valuable thing. Angre gets shocked and says it’s more valuable than those diamonds and he’s emotionally attached to it since it’s related to his mom. Vansh says he doesn’t have any other option. Angre requests him to think one more time. Vansh says he takes his decision from mind. Someone is shown hearing their conversation. Vansh opens the locker.

Riddhima finds a key and a letter in the parcel. He reads in the letter that the lock of this key is in the kitchen. Riddhima thinks that she will solve this mystery soon, his sacrifice will not go in vain. Vansh takes out a box covered with red cloth. Angre refuses to open it. Vansh opens the box and takes out a ruby stone. He says this a very special ruby which changes his color according to the weather and it’s value is around 25 thousands crore in the market. He’s connected to this ruby by heart since it’s relation is with his mom.

He wants to sell it for his family’s safety and asks him to spread the news that whoever will return his lost diamonds, he will give that person this ruby for free. Vansh puts back the ruby in the locker and leaves with Angre. It’s revealed that Kabir, who overheard, Vansh and Angre. Kabir says he will also snatch this ruby from him. He touches the locker and gets an electric shock. He says he’s impressed, but he has a solution for it too, since he has done lot of research, he likes to targets the things are important for Vansh.

Riddhima is in the kitchen. She is searching the lock of the key sent by Rudra getting on a stool. Kabir asks if he can help her. Riddhima gets startled and is about to fall, but Kabir holds her. Vansh comes that side and gets angry seeing Riddhima in Kabir’s arms.

The episode ends.

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