Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th May 2021 Written Update: Vyom seeks Aryan’s help

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh getting mesmerized seeing Riddhima wearing saree. Vansh asks why she was overreacting downstairs. Riddhima says that she was scared, Gayatri has the habit of playing pranks. Vansh says that she overreacted as Gayatri mixed poison in the drink. Riddhima asks him to leave that matter and asks Vansh how she looks. Vansh compliments her look. Riddhima and Vansh have a romantic talk. Riddhima asks Vansh to stay with her. Vansh kisses her cheek and says that he loves her very much, but this is his work. He says that he attends such meetings daily and promises to take extra care of himself today. He asks Riddhima to look after herself and reduce her stress level for him and their baby. He kisses on her forehead. Riddhima hugs Vansh. Vansh says that he will meet her in the dinner and asks her to look pretty. He leaves giving a flying kiss to Riddhima. Riddhima says that Vansh didn’t listen to her, but she knows what she should do.

Vansh reaches the hotel where his meeting is taking place. Vyom comes to the VR residency. Vyom flirts with the receptionist and enquired about Augustine’s room number. The receptionist refuses to disclose his room number. Vyom says that Augustine is his friend and he just got divorced, so he wants to surprise him on order to boost his mood. He asks to give any room near Augustine’s room. Vyom finally convinces the receptionist to give him the room which is opposite to Augustine’s room.

Angre informs Vansh that the deal’s time has changed becsuse Augustine’s flight is delayed. Vansh asks Angre if everything is fine. Angre assures that he checked and he doesn’t find any danger in their deal, but he couldn’t find why Johnny committed suicide. He asks Angre to inform Riddhima and goes for a run.

Meanwhile Vyom tries to have a talk with Aryan, but Aryan doesn’t show any intrest. Vyom removes his mask and reveals that he’s Vyom. Aryan asks what he’s doing here. Vyom seeks Aryan’s help and in return he offers Aryan 200 crores. However Aryan refuses because he’s scared that Vansh will kill him, if he gets to know about it. Vyom says that soon he will own the VR empire and he will make Aryan co owner of VR empire. Aryan says that he can’t do it. Vyom says that he can do anything. Vyom further says that he and he’s family are selfish, they came here leaving Sia. Aryan agrees to help Vyom and says that nothing should happen to Sia. Vyom assures Aryan that Sia is safe. Vyom asks Aryan to get the master key from the hotel’s manager and slide the key through from under the door of the room no 412. Aryan agrees.

Riddhima sneaks into Sara’s room. Once Sara get into the washroom, Riddhima locks the washroom door from outside. Other side Aryan gets the master key from the manager’s room and slides it through from under the door. Vyom pick the master key up. He says this is called smooth planning and now he has to wait.

Vansh goes inside the sauna. Sara makes the receptionist unconscious and gets the steam room key. She locks the room and increases the temperature to kill Vansh. Sara says that Riddhima still thinks that Sara is locked in the washroom. She has noticed Riddhima following her. Sara recalls how she used swiss knife to get out of the washroom. She says that Sara keeps up her promise, Vansh will die today. Sara further says that she mixed something in Vansh’s drink which will cause dehydration then Sauna room’s temperature will be increased, Vansh will feel thirsty and he will try to come out, but the door won’t open. Vansh’s organs will start to dry up and he will get a painful death. Sara laughs.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh coughs and shouts for help. He falls down. Riddhima comes running to the sauna room and tries to open it.

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