Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh fails Anupriya’s plan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh learning that Ishani is behind everything. Vansh says his love has spoiled her, he was blaming Riddhima for everything, but now he got to know that she is the culprit. Ishani looks stunned. Riddhima shows a hidden camera through which Vansh has seen everything. Vansh points the gun at Ishani saying he can give his life for her, but she tried to kill Riddhima and their child which he can’t forgive. \

Riddhima comes between and says what she did is unforgivable, but if they act like Ishani then there will be no difference between her and them. Ishani says there’s so much love between them and asks Vansh why he doesn’t tell Riddhima the truth about her parents death, why he made a fake story of Kabir’s father’s death. Riddhima asks Vansh which fake story that’s related to her parents. Vansh says shut up Riddhima. Ishani discloses that Riddhima’s parents accident happened with her car and Vansh took the blame on him to save her. Riddhima looks startled.

Ishani asks what will be Vansh’s punishment for betraying her. Riddhima says this’s make her different from Ishani, what she called betrayal, it’s a brother’s sacrifice for her. She thanks her for telling the truth since the respect she has for Vansh has increased more. Vansh apologizes to Riddhima. The latter says she’s proud of him and hugs him while Ishani looks shocked. Vansh says to Ishani that he’s leaving today because of Riddhima, and asks her not call him brother anymore. He leaves taking Riddhima. Ishani shouts no.

Vansh says to Riddhima he’s her culprit, his sister snatched the biggest happiness of his life, he failed to protect his baby, he couldn’t be with her, when she needed him the most. He apologizes to her. Riddhima says he’s at fault, Angre told her what happened with him in the juvenile centre, so she understands his fear, after knowing that he went to juvenile center for Ishani, the love and the respect she has for him, have increased more, he has big heart to took others blame. Riddhima reveals to him that their baby is safe and alive. Vansh says what. She says sorry, she had to lie to him. Vansh asks her to repeat. Riddhima says he’s going to become dad. Vansh gets emotional and hugs her. He thanks her. The bomb fixed by Anupriya is shown, only three mins is left. Otherside Anupriya checks the timer and saya her fate is good that both are in the room and they will die together.

Vansh admits that he acted rude with her, but yesterday for the first time, he felt the meaning of becoming a father and felt the connection with his child and he wanted to tell her the same. Riddhima cuts him and asks to forget the past and not to spoil the moment where he, she and their child are together. He promises to be by her side whenever she will need him. Riddhima asks him to forget the past since she wants to make new memories with her baby’s father so that she can him later. Vansh takes out two sashes for Riddhima and him. He makes her wear mom to be sashes and she makes him wear dad to be sash. He says something is missing. He takes a baby sash and stick it on Riddhima’s belly. He puts his phone on timer for a selfie. He takes Riddhima in his arm. He counts down 3 to 1. There’s a blast sound. Anupriya is happy her mission completed. Riddhima hugs him.

Family members comes to Vansh room. Anupriya gets shocked seeing Vansh and Riddhima alive. They all asks what’s that blast sound. Vansh recalls what happened. A FB is shown. Vansh hears beep sound. He finds the bomb and throws it through the window before it blasts. Vansh lies to everyone that water heater blasted and asks them to go to their respective room. Anupriya is disappointed that her plan flopped. Vansh says to Riddhima that they should be more alert since their ennemy is near to them. Riddhima asks who could have done this, Ishani can’t do this, since she can never harm her brother. She asks if Kabir could do this. Vansh is certain he can’t do because he knows that he will throw him out if he learns the truth. Unknown enemies are more danger. He assures Riddhima that he will not let anything happen to her, he will catch soon their ennemy. He further says that he has a plan and he is going to play a big game in the next 72 hours, then everything will be fixed. Riddhima says they will have a new beginning after these three days.

Kabir convinces Chang to get back the diamonds for one day. He assures that he got something more valuable than those diamonds. He says he will his trusted man to collect the diamonds and after 24 hours he will give him the diamonds along with the another thing. Aryan comes to Kabir. The latter seeks Aryan’s help to steal the ruby that Vansh has. Aryan agrees. Kabir asks him to first collect a parcel from Chang then he will explain him the plan. Aryan nods ok and leaves. Kabir says the next 72 hours are very important He will get the ruby then leave this house taking his love Riddhima along.

Vansh takes Riddhima to a decorated room and suprises her. Riddhima is elated. Vansh says he wants to spend night with his wife and his baby. He wants to give her lot of happiness so that she forgets all the recent wounds. Riddhima kisses him and says when he’s infront of her sight she feels only happiness forgetting all pains.

The episode ends.

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