Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th June 2021 Written Update: Vyom reveals his identity to Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima phoning Thapa. She uses Ishani’s identity and asks him to make fake documents for her friend. Thapa wants to speak to Angre regarding this, but Riddhima says it’s not necessary since Angre is her husband and Vansh gave her his number. She asks him to make the documents as soon as possible since her friend is tensed. Thapa agrees and asks her to send the documents in this number. Vyom overhears Riddhima. Vyom comes to Riddhima and says that she is using her friend for her own benefits. Riddhima warns him to be in his limits. Vyom reveals his identity by calling Riddhima “mon chéri”. Riddhima gets tensed. Vyom says that they’re in the same boat, Vansh doesn’t let anyone stay happy. She got trapped in his circle and she can’t get out of it. He leaves. Vansh goes to a secret place. Someone welcomes him and asks him to come near him.

Vyom comes to Riddhima and asks if she is not bother about his presence. She says that she’s not bothered since she has many other important works. Vyom stops her. He says that her husband’s biggest enemy is standing in front of her, but she is talking about some other important work and asks what it’s. Riddhima says that Vyom has become a threat for himself. She advises him to take out the hatred and the pain that he has in his heart, else it will burn him. Vyom asks her to stop analyzing him and asks if Vansh started hating her. Riddhima says that he won’t understand this. It’s not hatred, but love. Vyom says this is all bullshit and says that he will avenge his wife and daughter’s death. Riddhima pities him and asks him to think what would his wife and daughter think about him, if they were alive and had seen him in this condition. Riddhima further says that she will not expose him in front of Vansh since he had saved her the other day. But she won’t be quite for longtime and asks him to mend his ways before Vansh catches him. Vansh goes to near a shelf. Only voice is heard. The voice says that he has been waiting for him since long. He missed him lot. He asks him to come to him very often. Vansh smiles and leaves.

Riddhima wakes up startled on seeing a nightmare in which Sara killed Vansh. She drinks water and goes to Vansh’s room to check if he is fine. She realizes he is taking shower. She finds the room messy. She arranges his things. She hears the door opening sound and says sorry Vansh, but she gets shocked on seeing Sara coming out of the washroom. Riddhima questions Sara what she’s doing here. Sara says that her shower isn’t working and she asked Vansh to use his bathroom and he agreed. Riddhima puts a knife on Sara’s neck. She threatens her and asks her to leave. Sara agrees. She reminds Riddhima about her promise before leaving. Riddhima wonders where Vansh is and tries his number, but it doesn’t connect. Riddhima worries for Vansh.

Vyom gets Pihu’s favorite ice cream and biscuits. He talks to Pihu’s doll considering it as his daughter and requests her to have the biscuits and ice cream. He apologizes for coming late. He cries asking them to come back to him. Vyom composes himself realizing what he’s doing. He looks at his reflection into the mirror and says that he’s not weak.

Vansh finds Riddhima sleeping in the corridor. He asks her what she’s doing here. Riddhima tells in half sleep that she is waiting for him. Vansh takes her to the room and puts her to sleep. Riddhima says that she was worried not finding him. She asks him to not leave her. He says he’s not going anywhere leaving her. She asks him to promise and he does.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh finds Riddhima in his room and asks what she’s doing here. Riddhima starts talking to her baby ignoring Vansh. Vansh drags Riddhima, she stumbles and they both fall on the bed.

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