Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh and Riddhima share a romantic moment

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima spending a romantic moment. He brings a gift box. He opens it. Riddhima checks out and finds a pink dress. She likes it. She says that in few months, she will not fit into this dress. They laugh and share a hug. She goes to the washroom change it. Title track plays in the BG. After a while Riddhima comes out wearing the dress. Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her. He says something is missing. He takes a rose and gifts to Riddhima saying to the most beautiful woman. He says that every time he sees her, he falls in love with her more deeply. Riddhima says that he will be the first husband in the world who flirts with his own wife. Vansh says that’s his unique style. Riddhima asks what next. He plays music. They dance.

Vansh serves juice for Riddhima and himself. Riddhima is surprised and asks if he will also have juice. Vansh says that he needs to change for his child’s sake. Riddhima gets excited seeing Chinese dishes and says that she has been craving to have chinese since morning. Vansh says that the dishes are specially prepared so it’s safe for their child. Riddhima wishes that they have food in a same plate because it will increase love between the couple. Vansh teases her. They feed each other. Riddhima wishes her every night to be beautiful and perfect like this. Vansh promises to Riddhima that after 72 hours he, she and their baby will live a peaceful life.

Ishani meets Anupriya. She tells that Riddhima caught her and revealed her truth to Vansh. Anupriya gets shocked and asks if she took her name to which Ishani says no, but she can’t help her anymore, Riddhima will also learn the truth about her one day. She advises her to leave this place. Anupriya says she will not leave untill Riddhima is alive. Kabir comes there. He removes Anupriya’s head covering. He scolds Anupriya. He asks they’re behind Riddhima’s baby. Ishani asks Kabir to mind his own business. Kabir warns them that nothing should happen to Riddhima and her baby. He asks Ishani to leave as he wants to talk to his mom alone. Ishani leaves. Kabir asks Anupriya to leave this house immediately. Anupriya puts a knife in Kabir’s neck and asks what he will do if she will not leave, will he tell to Vansh. She threatens Kabir that she will reveal to Vansh that he still loves Riddhima and wants her back, he has kidnapped Riddhima on Valentine’s day. She advises him to mind his own business.

Angre says to Vansh that they got a client for Ruby. Vansh asks who they’re and if he checked their background. Angre nods yes and says king of Arab and his wife. Vansh hands key to Angre and asks to bring the ruby. Kabir enters dressed up as king of Arab followed by a person wearing burqa. A FB is shown. Aryan gives Kabir the diamonds. He asks what’s next. Kabir hands burqua to Aryan and asks him to wear it. He will be king of Arab and he will be his wife. He shows the duplicate ruby and says that they will exchange it with the orginal ruby, then they will cancel the deal and escape with both diamonds and ruby. FB ends.

Kabir asks to show the ruby, but Vansh prefers to see the diamonds before. Kabir hands the diamonds to Vansh who checks it and gives to Angre. The latter asks from where he got these diamonds. Kabir says he got it from a friend, who is a Chinese businessman. Angre gives him the ruby. Kabir says that his wife wishes to see the ruby. Vansh agrees. Aryan takes the ruby inside the burqa and exchanges with the dublicate one. Kabir gives back the ruby to Vansh and says his wife doesn’t like it. He gets up to leave taking the diamonds, Vansh and Angre point gun at them. Vansh says he doesn’t let his guest leave empty hands. Kabir and Aryan look shocked.

The episode ends.

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