Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th April 2021 Written Update: Sia and Riddhima have a heated argument

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishani confronting Riddhima. Ishani asks Riddhima if she thought what will happen when dadi will get to know about the fake death. She asks what Riddhima and Vansh are upto. Riddhima says that she doesn’t have time to answer her questions and leaves.

Meanwhile Vansh learns that the address he got in the cottage is fake and Riddhima fooled him. Other side, Riddhima succeeds to steal the black box and informs Vyom about the same. Vyom promises to fulfill the deal once he will get the black box. Riddhima says she will place the black box in garbage bin as Vansh is keeping an eye on her.

Vansh reaches home and checks the safe. He gets furious knowing the balck box is missing. He checks the CCTV footage and sees Riddhima going out. He follows her. Riddhima puts the black box in the dustbin and texts Vyom. She goes back inside. A man in black hoody takes that box while Vansh is busy looking at Riddhima.

Sia is in video call with Vyom and says that she wants to meet him. Other hand Riddhima tries to call Vyom, but she can’t reach him. She hears Vyom’s voice coming from Sia’s room and goes in to check. Riddhima says to Sia that she should’ve understood when she saw her diamond earing in Vyom’s hand. She warns Sia about Vyom, but Sia reacts rudely. Sia asks if she’s also meeting Vyom so she knew that Vyom has her earning. She asks what’s her connection with Vyom, why she meets him. Riddhima says that she can’t tell her anything right now, and says that he’s not a good person. Sia refuses to listen to Riddhima. She confesses that she loves him and will keep meeting him. Riddhima warns Vyom to stay away from Sia, but Sia asks Riddhima to stay away from Vyom. She asks Riddhima to stay away from her personal life else she will tell to the family she’s meeting Vyom. Riddhima leaves.

Meanwhile Vansh and Angre have a talk. Angre is surprised that Vansh is cool even after knowing that the black box was stolen. Vansh says to Angre that to open the black box, key is needed. Whoever has the black, until he finds the key, the black box is safe.

Riddhima comes to the room and gets surprised on seeing the room well decorated. She thinks that Vansh hasn’t got to know yet that the black box was stolen so he’s happy. Vansh offers Riddhima a red rose. Riddhima gets hurt with the thorn. Vansh sucks her finger. Riddhima says that he gives the pain and he himself tends her. Vansh pulls her close to him and says she belongs to him. He adds he belongs to her even even if he gets backstabbed. Riddhima says that she has something important to tell him, but asks him to wait for a while. They hug.

Riddhima gets the gaurd’s call. Kabir shouts and says that he loves her and asks Riddhima to come to him. They hear police siren’s sound. Riddhima asks about it. The guard says that the neighbour’s must’ve informed the police hearing Kabir’s shouts. Kabir laughs saying that Police will come and free him then he will come to meet her. Riddhima instructs the guard to close Kabir’s mouth and gives the phone to the inspector. Riddhima tells the inspector that her brother is mentally unstable and the neighbour’s must’ve heard his screams. The inspector agrees and leaves. Riddhima tells Kabir that her deal is over and she will tell Vansh the truth. Kabir warns Riddhima that Vansh will kill her after knowing the truth. Riddhima cuts the call.

Vansh comes out of the washroom and gets stunned seeing Kiara there. Kiara flirts with him and offers to drink wine in one glass. Riddhima pushes her and Kiara drops the glass. Riddhima asks Kiara to make three glass of wine. Vansh says that he likes to drink wine in bottle and asks Kiara if she would like to join him. She agrees. Riddhima and Vansh argue. Vansh says that she doesn’t want to understand what he tries to tell her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima is about to tell the truth, she receives Vyom’s call. Vyom tells the black box is fake. Riddhima confronts Vansh.

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