Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th January 2021 Written Update: Riddhima and Vansh’s romantic date

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima entering the resort. Resort manager welcome Vansh and Riddhima and tell them that their sweet is ready. Riddhima thinks Vansh is not saying anything but she knows today everything will be fine between them. Vansh receives a call and asks Riddhima to get the keys. Further, Riddhima and Vansh go to the room. Riddhima gets smitten seeing the room and says such arrangements happen for honeymoon couple. Vansh stands stunned.

Afterwards, Riddhima see wound on Vansh’s hand and asks him if it’s paining. She adds she knows he don’t trust her fully and to win back his love she needs to prove herself innocent. Riddhima tells to Vansh that her innocence only Siya can prove. She says she don’t deserve his hatred. Riddhima asks Vansh if Siya will prove her innocent than he will believe her or not. She says she always pray for Siya’s health. Vansh asks Riddhima to go and change her dress.

Riddhima comes out from washroom and Vansh gets smitten seeing her beauty. Riddhima smile seeing Vansh and Vansh ignores Riddhima. He opens the door. Riddhima see the snow and says the place is beautiful like heaven. She adds she haven’t’ visited such place before. Vansh goes inside the room and burn the bonfire. Riddhima goes and hugs Vansh from behind. She further see guitar and tells to Vansh that she learned Guitar during her college days. Riddhima plays guitar and asks Vansh not to laugh.

Riddhima plays ‘Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi’ on guitar. She tries to lure Vansh. Vansh don’t respond to Riddhima. Further, Riddhima throw snow on Vansh. Vansh stands unresponsive.

Ahead, something falls on the ground. Vansh and Riddhima both stands shocked. Riddhima runs and pick up the box. She finds ring and wears it instantly. Riddhima adds ring is cute and she will never lose the ring. Vansh see the snow and asks Riddhima to come inside else she will catch cold. Riddhima finds Vansh romantic. She goes inside and room and sit with Vansh sharing the same blanket.

Later, Riddhima thanks Vansh for the ring. She says she can’t explain her happiness. She adds he is upset with her because she tried to give upon her life. Riddhima says she gets scared thinking about the incident. She says to Vansh that she will not let him go far from her. Riddhima asks Vansh to speak something.

Vansh asks Riddhima what is more important for her. Riddhima tells to Vansh, he gave her identity that matters to her a lot as she was orphan. Riddhima thanks Vansh for giving her family. She adds more than that his presence in her life matters a lot. Vansh gets smitten hearing Riddhima. Riddhima says ‘I Love You’ to Vansh. Next, morning Riddhima wakes up and looks for Vansh.

Riddhima asks staff if he saw her husband. Staff says she came alone and not with her husband. Riddhima asks staff to call his manager. Manager says to Riddhima same thing. Riddhima stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vansh asks hotel staff to let her check CCTV. Riddhima run on road and looks for Vansh. She worries for Vansh and prays for his wellbeing. A speedy car runs upon Riddhima.

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