Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th June 2021 Written Update: Dadi questions Vansh about his and Riddhima’s fight

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vyom sneaking into Sara’s room and searching. He finds a gun. Vyom gets his man’s call. The man informs Vyom that the girl name is Sara and she is a professional killer, she is very cunning and she has killed many people till now. Just then Sara comes from behind and tries to strangulate Vyom with a wire. Sara says that she’s very special and he can’t know her even if he wants. Vyom cuts the wire with the knife. He holds her neck and says that he heard right about her. Sara kicks him. Vyom shouts in pain. Sara says that he only heard about her, but didn’t know her yet. Vyom hits her and makes her unconscious.

Angre informs Vansh that their deal got canceled and they lost 50 crores. Angre tells that he alerted him that they aren’t reliable, but maybe he didn’t hear him due to his personal problems. He advises him to sort out his differences with Riddhima as it affects the business. Vansh warns Angre to be in his limit. Vansh coughs. Riddhima comes to Vansh and asks if he’s fine and wants to bring water for him. Vansh refuses and angrily walks away. Riddhima asks Angre if Vansh is sick. Angre says that Vansh is in mood off. From the time they have fought, Vanish can’t concentrate in the business. He asks Riddhima to do something. Riddhima says that the next day is their wedding anniversary and she wants to surprise Vansh. She seeks Angre’s help for that. Angre agrees.

Sara gains consciousness and finds herself tied up. Vyom says that she shot him. Sara says that she takes money to shoot a person and why she will shoot a simple manager. Vyom is about to reveal his true identity, Sara says that he’s Vyom. The latter gets shocked and asks how she knows him. Sara says that it’s important to know people like him since in her profession there are only two types of people, the one she targets and the one, who pays her to target someone. Vyom says that he doesn’t fit in these two categories, then why him. Sara asks him to unitie her first. Vyom obeys. Vyom asks why she shot him. Sara says that Vansh is her target, but he came between. Vyom asks who wants to kill Vansh. Sara refuses to tell. Vyom threatens to kill her. Sara says that he will be the loser since they both want the same. She further says that he’s not in the list of her target for now, so asks him to leave.

Aryan tells Dadi that Riddhima and Vansh don’t stay in the same room and he saw Vansh going towards the backyard last night. Dadi gets tensed. She sees Vansh coming. Dadi goes to Vansh and asks about his fight with Riddhima. Vansh says that he will handle it. Dadi says that she would have asked him to divorce Riddhima, if she wasn’t pregnant with his baby. She then asks why he went to that room last night. Vansh gets shocked and asks how she got to know about it. Dadi says that she’s his Dadi and she understands him better. Vansh says that he’s disturbed nowadays and his future is also uncertain. He gets peace in that room only. Vansh coughs. Dadi gets concerned for Vansh. She advises him to leave the people, who causes trouble for him and concentrate on his work. She goes to bring Kada for him.

Angre and Ishani are doing cycling. Ishani enjoys the ride. Angre suggests racing. Ishani agrees. Ishani falls. Vyom comes there. He says that Angre shouldn’t have double crossed him. But he wont kill him, instead he kill will her to give him pain. He points gun at her. Ishani closes her eyes pleading with Vyom to leave her. She shouts Angre. Vyom smirks and leaves. Angre comes to Ishani and asks what happened. She tells Vyom wants to kill him. Angre gets furious. She calms him down.

Riddhima is cleaning Vansh’s room. She hides in the washroom when Vansh comes there. Vansh asks Riddhima to come out and asks what she’s doing here and says that he doesn’t want any explanation. Riddhima speaks in gesture. Vansh asks her to speak. Riddhima says that she brought kada for him and adds that she will complain to Dadi if doesn’t have it. Vyom agrees to have it. Riddhima talks to her baby and says that she has given rose to his dad. Vansh says that he doesn’t want to talk to her. Riddhima says that she’s speaking with her baby. Vansh hods her and they both fall on the bed and share an eyelock. Vansh comes to his sense and gets up. Vansh asks her to leave. Riddhima says that she slept on the corridor last night, but morning she was on the bed when she woke up. She asks how she reached the bed. Vansh tells her to leave.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh goes to Riddhima’s room and takes a sleeping Riddhima to his bed.

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