Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Ishani to seek revenge?

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Voot Select’s much loved show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for more drama with Riddhima threatening Ishani with the knife.

In the previous episode it was shown that Ishani admitted that she attempted to kill Riddhima and justified her action saying because of Riddhima Vansh humiliated her and Angre got beaten up by Vansh, so she deserves to die. Vansh rebuked Ishani and demanded her to apologize to Riddhima falling on her leg. Ishani apologized saying a sorry. Vansh warned Ishani and his family to not cross the limit he has fixed.

Ishani went out her anger on Angre. Vansh got upset with Riddhima since Riddhima broke her promise of waiting for him decking up. Ishani wanted to teach Riddhima a lesson. She sticked out her leg to make Riddhima fall down. However Riddhima tried over the leg and dropped the food plate. Riddhima warned Ishani with a knife and forced her to clean the mess she caused. Ishani vows to avenge her insult.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Riddhima will get shocked on seeing red color water coming from the tap and also a written message on the mirror stating that Riddhima is a murderer. Riddhima will think that Sara is playing with her and will confront her. Riddhima and Sara will argue. Sara will deny the allegation. Riddhima will wonder who else knows about their past. Sara will take Black Mamba’s name. Riddhima will say that Black Mamba is someone from her family. They both will look on.

What is Riddhima and Sara’s past? Who is Black Mamba and how he knows about their past?

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