Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Riddhima to convince an angry Vansh?

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Voot Select’s much loved show is gearing up for more drama with Vansh returning to Riddhima.

So far in the show it was seen that Riddhima took Vyom to meet Vansh. Vyom lost his temper when Vansh hasn’t reached the place. He pointed gun at Riddhima and threatened to shoot her under three counts if Vansh doesn’t come out.

Vansh shot Vyom before he could harm Riddhima. Vyom started accusing Vansh of his wife, Madhuri and Pihu’s murder while Riddhima kept telling Vansh to say that he didn’t do this. Vansh admitted that he went to Vyom’s house and asked his wife about tear of Laila, but he didn’t even touch Madhuri or Pihu.

He left when he got to know they didn’t know anything about that diamond. Vyom refused to believe him. At one point Vansh and Vyom started shooting each other. Vansh dropped his gun. Vyom put him on gun point. Vyom threatened to kill Vansh and asked Riddhima to hand him the diamond. Vandj kicked the gun. Vansh and Vyom engaged in a fight.

Riddhima destroyed the diamond to put an end for their fight. Vyom warned Riddhima and left. Riddhima hugged Vansh, but he broke the hug and said that Riddhima spoiled his hardwork and his reputation by destroying that diamond.

Later Vansh meets his family members. He shared a very emotional moment with Sia. Meanwhile Vyom vowed to finish Riddhima and Vansh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Vansh will be still upset with Riddhima. The latter will try to convince him. She will plants a kiss on his forehead. They will spend a romantic moment.

Riddhima have really destroyed the tear of Laila? What is stored ahead for Riddhima and Vansh in the show?

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