Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Riddhima to hold Angre at point to know Vansh’s whereabouts

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Voot Select’s popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan2 keeps intertaining its audience with its suspenseful story. The show is gearing up for some new twists and turns in the show.

In the previous episode it’s shown that Vyom decided to find who has kidnapped Riddhima. He doubted that the kidnapper and the sniper, who shot him, were the same. He sought Aryan’s help to find the snipers. Aryan refused in the beginning, but he agreed when Vyom threatened to kill him.

Riddhima came to talk to Vansh. Riddhima tried to explain that she did everything to protect their family. Vansh said that he wanted her and their child safe, even when he got shot. Riddhima shouted that she wanted all of three safe. Vansh angrily walked away.

Sara came to Riddhima and reminded her about her deal. Riddhima questioned why she had kidnapped her. Sara said that she thought Riddhima will betray her again like she did seven years ago. Sara tells Riddhima only 24 hours left for her to fulfill her promise. Riddhima agreed and asked her to not harm Vansh. Sara said that she can’t promise anything.

Riddhima decided to meet Vansh and apologize to him. She wrote a sorry note too. She was getting ready. A masked person entered in and threw the vermilion box away.

In the upcoming episode Riddhima will be worried for Vansh and will ask Angre about Vansh’s whereabouts. Angre will say that he doesn’t know. Riddhima will point the gun at Angre. Angre will say that Vansh went to find Laila regarding a diamond deal. Later Sara will tell Riddhima about Vansh having a deal in Sri Lanka.

Who is Laila? Who is that masked person? What’s Sara’s past?

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