Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Vansh to shoot at Vyom in order to save Riddhima?

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Voot Select’s popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is all set for some high voltage drama with Vyom uncovering his past to Riddhima.

In the previous episode it was shown that Riddhima confronted Vyom and questioned him about the saree and the doll. She said that he might’ve kidnapped the kid and her mother, but she won’t let him kill them. Vyom laughed.

He showed a tree and revealed his daughter Pihu and his wife Madhuri were buried under that tree. He told Riddhima that four years ago, Prince Akheel was behind tear of Laila. He partnered Vansh in business. He was his old friend.

They did business together then parted away. He got tear of Laila before Vansh which can’t digest by Vansh. Vansh wanted to take it from him, but he refused. On the Karwachaut day Vansh went to his house on his absence and threatened his wife to give the diamond. Vyom added that he’s not fool to keep the diamond at home.

Vansh used the candles that he bought for Pihu’s birthday and burned his house. Everything had become ashes when he returned home. Riddhima called it all a lie. She said that she trusts Vansh and he can never kill a kid.

Vyom sweared on his deceased daughter, Pihu to prove that he was telling the truth and he challenged to do the same Vansh. Riddhima agreed. She told that she will meet Vansh the next day evening. Vansh will swear on his baby in front of Vyom and prove his innocence.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown Riddhima will take Vyom to the place where she’s supposed to meet Vansh.

Vyom will lose his temper as Vansh will not turn up and will hold Riddhima at gun point. He will threaten to shoot Riddhima if Vansh doesn’t come out. Vyom will be about to shoot her, Vansh will shoot Vyom.

Vyom is telling the truth? Vyom had any misunderstanding? Will Vansh reveal the truth to Riddhima?

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