Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Will Vansh reconcile with Riddhima?

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Voot Select’s one of the trending show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for more drama with Vansh being mad with Riddhima.

In the previous episode it was seen that Sia learned about Vyom being disguised as hotel manager and got elated. Sara met Riddhima and reminded her about her promise to give her new identity. She also threatened to Kill Vansh, if Riddhima broke the promise.

Sara even tried to harm Vansh to show a trailer to Riddhima, but the latter shouted Gayatri in order to gain Vansh attention and save him. Vyom overheard their conversation.

Riddhima cooked up a story of a friend, who wanted to go abroad under fake identity to escape from her husband, who beat her and asked Angre for the contact details of the person, who makes fake passports.

However Angre refused to give her the contact details since it could be risky for both of them. Vyom introduced to Sara and clicked her photo without her knowledge to collect details about her.

Riddhima sneaked into Angre’s room to get the details of the person, who makes fake documents. Ishani spots Riddhima and questioned her. Ishani badmouthed Riddhima after knowing Riddhima has come to meet Angre.

Riddhima tried to talk to Vansh, but he avoided her. Riddhima pretended to be hurt on her leg and sought his help. Vansh made it clear that he cares only for their baby and asked her to take care of herself. Riddhima told that she couldn’t live with Vansh.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that
Vansh will see Riddhima sleeping in the corridor. He will take to the room and will put her on the bed. Riddhima will ask him to not leave her and he will agree.

Will Vansh forgive Riddhima? What’s stored for Vansh and Riddhima ahead in the story?

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