Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima finds out who is her wellwisher

Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh saying she gives him peace. He kisses her forehead. They merge their foreheads closing their eyes. The title track plays. Riddhima says she wants their baby to be like him. Vansh expression changes. He breaks their hug. He remembers the woman’s curse. He scatters the photos and burns it. He says the child can’t share his life, because it will go through the same situation that he went through. Their child will hate him. He says he never wants to become father and leaves from there. Dadi phones Riddhima and asks her to come downstairs for the pooja. Dadi asks the servant to keep the sweets in a separate plate for Riddhima as this is her favorite one. She leaves from there. The red gloves man is shown spiking the sweets. Otherside Riddhima finds a note. She reads that her life is in danger and she should leave this place without telling anyone.

Dadi asks to bring the sweet plate that she asked to prepare separately for Vansh and Riddhima. Aryan brinks the spiked sweets. Vansh comes there. Dadi asks for Riddhima. Vansh says she wasn’t in room so he thought she must be here. Just then Riddhima calls out Dadi. She comes downstairs. She thinks she’s not coward to run away. She knows how to protect her child. She will soon find out who wants to harm her child and will do it tonight itself and she will not go away from her Vansh and will try make everything fine until she’s alive.

Vansh and Riddhima sit in the puja. The priest starts reciting the prayer. Riddhima plays lute while singing a song. Riddhima prays to God to show a way to find the one who wants to harm her child. Dadi blesses Riddhima and her child. She asks Rudra to give the sweet plate. Dadi is about to give the sweet to Riddhima, the house door bell rings. Aryan asks who could come at this time. Dadi says she has called Daima to take care of Riddhima. They might’ve forgotten her, she had raised Ishani and Sia. She goes to bring her inside.

An old aged lady is shown. She greets Dadi. A fb is shown how Anupriya attacked the real Daima and disguised like her. She thinks she got a good opportunity to kill Riddhima. She greets everyone. Dadi gives the spiked sweet to Riddhima again. Riddhima eats it. Riddhima remembers a FB. She goes to kitchen and drops by mistake the sweet plate. She finds a note between the sweets. It’s written not to have these sweets as it contains poison. Riddhima throws that spiked sweets in the dustbin and puts the new ones in the plate. FB ends. Riddhima thinks the one would’ve spiked the sweets, must be waiting to see the result. She looks at everyone and wonders who could be that person. She tells Dadi that she’s going to check the arrangements in the kitchen. Riddhima thinks of finding the red hoodie man who alertd her every time. She’s determined to do it tonight itself.

Vansh comes to Riddhima. He gets on his knees and apologizes to Riddhima. She says it’s ok. They share a hug. Riddhima asks if he will accompany her tomorrow to get some dresses in which she will be comfortable during her pregnancy. Vansh says he’s not interested in all this and asks her to stop involving him in all this. Riddhima says their child doesn’t know about his problems. They both have to take his responsibility. She adds that one day he has to accept the fact that they’re going to become parents and this is their child. She promises that she will make him understand this. Vansh asks her not to do like this as she will fail. Riddhima says she’s more stubborn than him and she’s right to be stubborn. Just then Dadi and Anupriya come there. Dadi asks if everything is fine. Vansh replies yes and walks from there. Dadi asks Riddhima to take rest. She asks Riddhima to call Daima if she needs anything, as she has called her here for her(Riddhima). Riddhima agrees and leaves.

Anupriya brings table fan for Riddhima as her room’s AC isn’t working. When she turns on the fan, her wig falls. Otherside Vansh notices his missing diamond in Chanchal’s ring and takes her apart. She turns off the fan and puts her wig back.

The red gloves man is shown pouring something on the floor. The red hoodie man follows her. Riddhima comes out. She says she intentionally came wearing red gloves to know who is her wellwisher. She removes the head cover and gets shocked seeing Rudra. Otherside Vansh is asking Chanchal who gave her this diamond. Chanchal thinks of taking someone else’s name. She lies that Rudra gifted her the diamond. He asks if she’s sure. She nods yes. Rudra says to Riddhima that he has done everything for her and her child. He further says he understood Vansh very late.

Vansh always take care of this family, after so many years a child is going to come to this family, but already there are many ennmies for that child. He has to do everything hiding to protect her child. Riddhima requests him to say who wants to kill her and her child. They hear some footsteps. Rudra asks her to meet him midnight in the backyard and says he will tell her the truth. He leaves. Riddhima wonders who could be. She says one hour left for 12 o’clock and she will get to know who he’s. Anupriya is shown with an injection filled with poison. She says this injection will make her breathing difficult.

Riddhima is wondering about the person who want to kill her and her child. Vansh comes there. Riddhima finds him tensed and asks him what happened. He says nothing. Vansh says she looks tensed. Riddhima asks if he will save her something happens to her. He assures that nothing will happen to her, until he’s alive. Riddhima asks what about their child. Vansh remains silent. Riddhima asks if he doesn’t care about their child. She says he should protect their from any danger as it’s his responsibility. Vansh recalls his bad childhood and the woman’s curse.

Vansh says he can’t protect this child as he doesn’t want to become father and adds not to expect any answers from him. Riddhima says enough. She says this his child. She adds the child will be in front of him after 8 months and asks what he will do that time, if he throw them out. She further says Riddhima will be in her life along with this child. Vansh tries to walk away. Riddhima stops him asking to answer her questions. Vansh says he loves her lot and none can separate them.

Riddhima says this isn’t the answer for her question. She wants to know what will her child’s future when he/she will come to this world. She asks if he will put their child in orphanage. Vansh says she will get her answer when the right time will come. Riddhima insists him to answer now. Vansh thinks he himself doesn’t have answers for her questions now. He needs to first talk to Rudra about the diamonds. He silently leaves from there. Riddhima thinks only 15 mins left for 12AM.

The episode ends.

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