Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima gets attacked

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima going to meet Rudra. Other hand Rudra is waiting for Riddhima. He hears footsteps and thinks Riddhima has come. He collides with Anupriya. He recognizes Anupriya. He asks what she’s doing here, she should be in the prison. Riddhima was right that she saw her last night. He says that he understood that she has come disguised as Daima to kill Riddhima, but he will not let her succeed. He asks her to get out immediately.

Vansh is talking to Angre over phone and asks if he gets to know where’s Rudra. Angre says he must be at home because his car is parked in front of the house. Vansh asks if he checked in the backyard. Angre says there’s less possibility for him to be there. Rudra says he will call the family. Anupriya injects the poison in Rudra’s neck and escapes from there. Riddhima gets shocked seeing Rudra fighting for his life.

Rudra tries to tell her who wants to harm her. Riddhima says she will not let anything happen to him. Vansh comes there hearing her voice. He asks her what happened to Rudra. Riddhima says she doesn’t know, it seems he got attack. Vansh says he will take him to hospital. Rudra stops breathing. Vansh shouts no. Dadi and Chanchal come there. They cry and ask what happened to Rudra. Chanchal says she will call the doctor. Vansh nods no. Chanchal shouts no and cries.

Kabir meets Chang. He shows the real diamonds to Chang. He says he can get these real diamonds, if he agrees to give all Vansh’s business to him, he should call him for all his deals. He adds that he’s a Police officer, so his deals will be secured, which Vansh can’t do. Chang agrees. They shake hands.

Angre says they can’t get any clue related to diamonds from Chacha’s room and his postpartum report states that he got a heart attack. Vansh denies it. He says it’s a clear cut murder. Someone knows about his every move. He got to know that he got to know that Chacha has the diamonds. He says that he will find out that person and punish him. Other hand Kabir is talking to Riddhima’s cut out. He says that he got the diamonds which represents the half earnings of Vansh’s life, like that he will snatch everything from Vansh including Riddhima and his child.

Riddhima is seen crying. She says Rudra died by trying to save her and her child. Maybe the killer got to know that he will reveal her his name, so he killed Rudra. She says sorry chacha ji. Vansh brings Rudra’s ashes in a pot. Chanchal cries hugging it. Riddhima thinks this might not be a heart attack and decides to talk to Vansh regarding this.

Riddhima says Rudra’s death isn’t natural. Vansh asks if she saw something. She says no. Vansh asks what she was doing in the backyard at the late night. Riddhima lies that she went there hearing his shouts. Vansh asks her to stay away from this. He has already lost so much and can’t bear if anything happens to her. He notices a note that’s Riddhima wrote for him asking to find time to go for her check up. Vansh tears the note up.

Riddhima says he should understand that if he wants or not their child will come to this world. Angre comes there. Riddhima leaves. Angre says bad news and gives a file. Vansh gets shocked seeing the file. He asks how it’s possible that their all deals are rejected. Angre says someone is spoiling their name in their business world. Vansh says Chang. Kabir watches them. He thinks this is just the beginning, soon everything will be his.

Anupriya realizes her bracelet is missing. She remembers that she have lost in the backyard. She says she has to find it out before anyone get it. Riddhima also thinks to go to backyard to find any clue. Anupriya stops Riddhima and says she should take rest. This is time for her medicine. Riddhima says just now she took the medicine and asks how she can forget it. Anupriya says she’s talking about ayurvedic kada. Riddhima says she will take it later. Riddhima is about to move Kabir comes there and asks Riddhima what she’s doing here. Riddhima says she came for a walk. She leaves. Anupriya leaves saying she will bring kada for Riddhima. Kabir thinks Diama’s face is familiar.

Riddhima tries to find any clue in the backyard. She stumbles and finds a bracelet there. She thinks this could be the murderer’s. Suddenly the red gloves man comes there with an axe and tries to attack Riddhima. Riddhima escapes from his attack by bending down. She looks at that person shocked.

The episode ends.

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