Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima finds out that Ragini is alive

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh getting angry on Riddhima. He asks her what she wants to know adding that her doubt isn’t letting her live. He asks her spare him since he is fed up. She asks him to listen to her once. He says enough is enough, nothing will happen to fire if you put your hand in it, but your hand will get burnt. He warns her and then leaves.

Ridhima finds a threatening note. She wonders who can send such a message. Aryan hides behind the chair. He thinks his mother was right: Ragini’s story is creating a rift between Vansh and Ridhima. Riddhima says someone wants to create a rift between Vansh and her and wonders who can it be. She recalls Aryan. She sits on the chair and thinks.

She says it’s Aryan: maybe he was the third person that day, maybe he had recorder in one hand and gun in other hand, maybe Aryan is the murderer, it can be anything. She is keen on finding out but knows that if such incidents happen again, Vansh won’t trust her ever again and she can’t fight alone when there is so much danger. She leaves. Aryan thinks she is thinking a lot, she has invited her death now.

On the other hand, Anupriya asks Kabir to kill Ridhima who has no right to live. She gives him the gun. He says you said right. He points gun at Riddhima’s pic. He says he pities Riddhima whose death is close. He tells his mother that he has to find out the evidence Ridhima has. She asks whether it can be related to Aryan and wonders why she wants to save him. He says she is saving Vansh, not Aryan. He is sure that the evidence has Vansh involved so they have to get it. She wonders how to get it since she is not old Riddhima anymore. He says its time to play mind games.

Kabir calls Riddhima and says she has to answer. Riddhima answers his call. He starts acting to be concerned about her since he saw a nightmare in which someone killed her since she had something which they wanted but she didn’t give. She thinks of Vansh. She says she feels someone wants to harm her. He asks who is that and adds that he will teach him a lesson.

She says she will handle it but she needs your help. She reveals him that she got a footage related to Ragini’s murder. He asks whether she has seen it. She says Vansh is pointing gun at Ragini. He reminds that he told her that Vansh killed Ragini and now they got a proof. He adds that he is proud of her. She says Vansh isn’t the murderer: she didn’t see the footage completely, the story is that murderer has recorded the footage and she think that’s Aryan.

Kabir asks Ridhima not to worry and promises to bring out whole truth once he gets footage. Ridhima agrees to give him footage. They cut call.

Anupriya asks Kabir if Ridhima agreed. He hugs her saying yes and cheering. He says that once he gets evidence, Vansh will be ended.

Ridhima is keen on finding out Ragini’s truth and not let Vansh suffocate anymore. She goes back inside home and sees Vansh sitting on sofa but he walks away seeing her. However Dadi stops him and asks him to light up diyas along with Ridhima. He agrees to do that.

Ridhima and Vansh start lighting up diyas. Vansh asks Ridhima to concentrate on diyas otherwise she will get burnt. He gets a call and is shocked to hear a news. He asks whether it is confirmed. Ridhima walks towards Vansh but he yells at her and asks her to stay away from him. He shouts so she winces. Dadi asks Vansh to calm down since it is festival. She says that only lucky people get such wives and tells him that Ridhima will put Vijay Tilak on him at evening for Dusehra but he says that he has to leave for an important work and asks her not to stop him. He walks away.

Ridhima notices that he got frenetic only after getting call and tells Ridhima that she didn’t know about the ritual and she had prayed so she has to go to temple. Dadi allows her to go. Dadi prays for God to protect Vansh and Ridhima who are going out.
Ridhima is going out when someone hits her head with rod. She gets kidnapped by Aryan and Chanchal who see Vansh so hide Ridhima in the diggy of a car deciding to take her out once Vansh leaves. However, Vansh takes the car in which Ridhima is. Chanchal and Aryan get very tensed thinking about what if Vansh finds Ridhima. Aryan says that she is unconscious. Chanchal asks what if she gets conscious.

Vansh is driving. Ridhima gets conscious. Vansh stops the car. Ridhima wonders how she reached the diggy and recalls getting hit on head. She opens the diggy and gets out.

Meanwhile, Vansh walks inside a place full of boxes. Ridhima follows him. He stops walking and turns around but sees none there. He walks away. Ridhima was hiding. She wonders what Vansh is doing there and if there is any secret. She realizes that she is spying on Vansh again, the thing he gets irritated by and decides to leave.

However, she hears the screaming of a girl and stops. She goes to check but door is locked. She overhears Vansh ordering a woman to drink water. Ridhima wonders who is Vansh talking with. She spies on keyhole but she is unable to see the woman’s face since Vansh is standing in between. Vansh moves away and Ridhima recognizes Ragini realizing that she is alive. She is shocked.
Episode ends

Precap: Aryan and Chanchal decide to burn Ridhima during dusehra but Vansh sees her and rushes to her shouting her name.

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