Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2020 Written Update: Kabir fails to arrest Vansh yet again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh asking Anupriya to take Dadi away. Anupriya does what he said. Vansh walks towards Kabir who is standing at the door with Mishra. Vansh welcomes him in his “city”.

Ridhima comes there and smiles with teary eyes seeing Kabir. The latter looks at her too. Title track plays. Ridhima seems very happy as she recalls Kabir telling her that he will come to VR mansion for investigate the murder.

Kabir tells Vansh that he is roaming in the city like it’s a jungle but anyway he isn’t there to ask his well-about which is about to get ruined, but for investigation of a murder of a sixty-five years old man, Mr. Sathe, happened today. Vansh says that he isn’t responsible for all murders happening in the city and asks him to go to find the real culprit. Kabir replies that the real culprit is in front of him. The two glare at each other.

Kabir asks Vansh if he means to say that he doesn’t know Mr Sathe. Vansh nods in a yes. Kabir asks if he went for morning walk to the murder spot. He takes laptop from Mishra and shows Vansh a video in which he is seen getting inside Mr Sathe’s building, even though his face isn’t shown. Kabir declares Vansh under arrested. He adds that it’s a pity that he didn’t ask even for water to guests but he will be served well at his police station. Kabir asks Vansh to carry a change since his clothes and shoes are an evidence. He grabs handcuffs from Mishra. Ridhima cannot stop smiling.

Vansh asks Kabir if he can check CCTV footage once again. Kabir agrees saying that truth won’t change. Mishra shows the video. Vansh chuckles and asks to zoom on the shoes. He says that these shoes aren’t his since his ones got the VR logo. Ridhima’s smile disappears. Vansh adds that the clothes he is wearing aren’t rare and someone must have bought from the same shop he got them from. He says that he will buy and gift the same clothes to him too, not as bribe, but as a reminder of his stupidity. Vansh declares game over for Kabir since both the proves don’t match.

Kabir says that, not the proves, but schedule matches. He tells Vansh that watchman told him that he wasn’t home from ten to twelve and asks him where he was. Angre comes and says that Vansh was at meeting with him and if he wants, whoever was present there could come as witness.

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Vansh is about to walk away but Kabir stops him saying he isn’t done. He says that he has to interrogate all members of the house and he will leave only after he will be sure. He looks at Ridhima and asks her who she is since he has not seen her there before. Ridhima recalls Kabir telling her that he will interrogate her also so that none suspects that they know each other. Vansh introduces Ridhima as Mrs Vansh Raisinghania, his wife.

Vansh says that he respects law of his country a lot and the law says that he cannot declare culprit anyone without proofs. He says that this is his house and not Kabir’s police station so all that works here are his relationships, his powers, his right. He asks him to return with evidences the next time.

Kabir says that he will get evidences and then they will be at his police station, where power and right will be in his hands. He is about to talk about the relationship between them saying that he knows what it is but Vansh interrupts him and orders him to get out wishing him luck for the next time. Kabir replies that he will need luck next time and leaves. Ridhima is upset because Kabir couldn’t arrest Vansh.

Ridhima goes to Dsouza and asks her where her phone is. Dsouza says that she throw it because the one who she called, was murdered so she didn’t want to rise suspects. She asks why she needs phone now. Ridhima looks on.

In Dadi’s room, Vansh tries to give her medicine but she stops him and shares her concern about police coming in the house. She says that last time police came was for his father’s death after which he handled the business. She says that she is worried because she saw her son dying in front of her eyes.

Vansh says that she won’t have anything to worry about and assures her that his family is his strength, not his weakness. He asks her to trust him since he will manage everything. Dadi takes medicine and says that sometimes she feels like he knows everything, who did that. Vansh looks on.

Dsouza is sure that Ridhima will give her information that she can tell Vansh but Ridhima says that she was tensed about the phone so she asked. She leaves.

Ridhima tries to open the drawer in which Vansh put the gun so that she can prove, through it, that Vansh murdered Ragini’s father. Just then, Vansh comes in the room. He locks the door and goes towards Ridhima. He says that she called Mr Sathe. Ridhima blinks looking down. Vansh asks her what promise she made along with the seven vows that she is spying on him. Ridhima says that he didn’t tell her the whole truth so she didn’t leave any other option for her. She says that she wanted to know Ragini’s truth.

She blames Vansh for murdering Ragini’s father after Ragini herself and that is why police came. Vansh asks her to set three things in her mind: he didn’t kill Ragini, Sathe wasn’t Ragini’s father and he didn’t kill him. Ridhima asks how many lies he will say. Vansh asks her how many lies she will say and says that she called also inspector Kabir, not only Sathe. Ridhima wonders how he got to know that. Vansh gets a phone from drawer and asks her if it is the same phone she called from.

Episode ends

Precap: Vansh brings Ganpati’s idol in the VR Mansion for Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. Ridhima does aarti and then follows Vansh. Ridhima swears to bring Vansh’s true face in front of everyone with Bappa’s blessings.