Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th July 2020 Written Update: Kabir manages to trap Aryan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rai Singhania family standing for pooja. Ridhima prays for Vansh to stay unaware of her true identity until he doesn’t end up in jail. She asks for blessings.

On the other hand, Vansh is in the garden. He recalls Ridhima’s suspicious behaviour and gets sure that Ridhima is hiding something, lying but wonders what it is about. Just then, he hears Ridhima chanting a shlok. He wonders whose voice it is. Dadi praises Ridhima’s voice and asks her to do the aarti. Rohana says that it seems like Ridhima is going to reign in the house but Ishani replies that Vansh himself will put chain in her feet since he doesn’t like oversmart people.

Meanwhile Kabir wonders what must be happening there as Ridhima didn’t contact him yet. A guy enters in his office with banana shake. Kabir turns around suddenly and the banana shake falls on him. The guy apologizes and is clearly nervous. He says that he gets nervous when there is a stressful situation going on and he had brought banana shake for him to impress him but he is shaking more than the banana shake. He leaves. Kabir wishes for Ridhima to give him a sign.

At Rai Singhania’s Mansion, Ridhima prays for Vansh not to find the transmitter. On the other hand, Vansh thinks that today he will come to know Ridhima’s secret. Kabir prays for Ridhima to be fine. Ridhima does the aarti.

In the meantime, Angre is looking for what Ridhima must be searching in the garden and finds pieces of the transmitter. Vansh enters inside the house. Ridhima finishes the aarti. Angre wonders what make up stuff is doing in the garden (the transmitter was designed as a make up kit).

Dadi asks Ridhima to give aarti to everybody. Ridhima looks at Vansh who has come there and starts from him. Ishani says that Vansh is not going to spare her. Vansh says to Ridhima that he doesn’t believe to God and he is his own God. Ridhima asks him if he doesn’t believe the Creator of the world. Vansh says that he has made everything that he owns, no God has made him. Ridhima says that whatever they have is by God’s blessings. Vansh taunts him saying that she has everything apparently. Ridhima says that she might not have family but God is her companion and family as well. Vansh asks her if she thinks that by doing bhajan and all she is going to get anything. Ridhima says that the difference is about opinion: she thanks God for the peace he has given to her in her life, whereas he has everything but not peace since he cannot say thank you to anyone nor bow down in front of God. Ridhima says that she will thank God on his behalf so that he might bring some peace in his life as well. She gives aarti to Vansh and then walks towards the rest of family. Title track plays.

After a while Vansh goes to the garden and Angre shows him the make up kit saying that he cannot understand what it is. Vansh seems to have understood.

On the other hand, Ridhima gives aarti to everybody. Vansh comes there shouting her name and everybody looks at him. He steps towards Ridhima followed by Angre. Vansh stands in front of Ridhima and puts the transmitter on the aarti thaal. Ridhima recalls unmounting it and throwing it out of the window. She shivers fearful. Vansh notices that and recognizes the fear of getting caught, punished and losing something. Ridhima acts like she doesn’t understand what he is trying to say. Ishani asks whose make up items they are. Vansh asks Ridhima how they got in the garden. Ridhima says that she doesn’t know and they can belong to anyone. Vansh shouts that she is lying and questions her identity. Ridhima repeats that she doesn’t know whose make up items they are.

Dadi asks Vansh why he is doing so much Hungama just for make up items. Vansh says that it isn’t some simple make up kit. He grabs the items and mounts the transmitter. Ridhima is scared. Aryan understands that it is a high-tech transmitter that can be used to give information outside. Anupriya wonders to whom Ridhima can send their information. Vansh says that there might be some enemy. Ridhima says that she doesn’t know what the device is but Vansh doesn’t believe her. Dadi is sure that Ridhima is innocent. Vansh says that they shall contact the other side and understand it. Ridhima is scared thinking that Kabir might take her name misunderstanding that she is contacting him.

Kabir sees that the transmitter has been activated. Ridhima hopes for Kabir not to say anything. Kabir says “hello”. Vansh gestures everyone to stay silent. Kabir covers the mic with a handkerchief and takes Aryan’s name asking how his call got cut. He asks him if he is fine and if there is any news. Vansh throws the transmitter away angrily. Kabir understands that Ridhima is in danger.

Aryan says that Ridhima is trapping him. Vansh gives Aryan time till morning to prove that Ridhima is the culprit and he is innocent. He tells Ridhima that anything can happen tomorrow morning when the truth will come out. Ridhima looks at him with wide eyes.

Episode ends