Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2020 Written Update: Ridhima gets caught while sending signal to Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rudra defending Aryan saying that he is ambitious, but he won’t ever go against Vansh since everyone knows what’s the consequence of going against him. Also Rohana says that his son isn’t like this. Vansh asks Aryan if he is saying the truth. Aryan says that he is saying the truth and the culprit is Ridhima who is doing all this just because he wanted to bring out her reality. Vansh asks why the man on the other side of transmitter took his name then.

On the other hand, Kabir is worried thinking that Ridhima might be in a problem. His man asks why he took Aryan’s name. Kabir replies that the silence must mean that the transmitter might be with someone else otherwise Ridhima would have given the information she had and disconnect. His man asks why he didn’t take Angre’s name but Aryan who is family. Kabir looks at a map with Rai Singhanias’ pictures and says that Angre is the most trustworthy person for Vansh who wouldn’t have believed him if he had taken his name while Aryan wants to take Vansh’s place and Vansh is aware of that.

Meanwhile Aryan defends himself saying that he is being trapped and they are taking Ridhima lightly. He also adds that he has full liberty to go out so he had no necessity to use transmitter. Rudra says that Aryan ais right and everybody except Ridhima has the permission to go out so she is the culprit for sure. Rohana agrees and also Ishani says that Ridhima is weird and they don’t know.

Vansh looks at Ridhima who asks why she would refuse his job offer if she was there with a purpose. Vansh replies that she knew he would have doubted her if she had easily accepted the offer. Ridhima says that if she had so much planning then the person on the other side of the transmitter would have taken her name not Aryan’s. Vansh says that he might have taken the silence as sign of the transmitter being tested and smartly taken Aryan’s name since he is the only weak point of their house while he won’t suspect Angre for sure. Ridhima points why she would have prayed in the pooja kept for his happiness and long life. Dadi says that Ridhima has helped her and prayed for him as well. Vansh says that she couldn’t say no to Dadi and they don’t know what she prayed for in her heart. Ridhima says that nobody knows that the transmitter is hers yet why everybody is doubting her only. Vansh replies that she was the one near the window of his room and also the one looking for something restlessly in the garden. Ridhima says that she has already answered what she was doing there. Vansh blames her for lying and asks if she has anything else to say. Ridhima says that suspecting everyone is a weakness and he might lose something precious one day. Vansh replies that it is his biggest strength because of which nobody has been able to reach him. Ridhima asks if she can leave if the interrogation is over but Vansh says that the matter hasn’t closed yet. He gives Aryan time until next morning to prove his innocent and that Ridhima is culprit and asks Ridhima to live until she can since anything may happen tomorrow if the truth comes out.

When everybody leaves, Aryan warns Ridhima that he will avenge the slap and all this. Ishani says that she is gone now.

Ridhima walks to her room. She shuts the door and breaks down on the floor crying. She looks at the picture in the ring and cries taking Kabir’s name and recalling Vansh’s threat. She is scared thinking that he won’t spare her and she cannot even contact Kabir. She recalls Kabir telling her to tie three knots on a red cloth and throw it out of the house if her life is in danger. Ridhima recalls seeing a red cloth in the space where pooja had taken place and decides to get it and throw it out of the house at night when everybody must be sleeping.

On the other hand, Kabir is angry and says that if Vansh does something to Ridhima then he won’t spare him. His man says that he must cool down and not get trapped in what could be Vansh’s plan to use his emotions. Kabir is sorry for Ridhima.

At night, Vansh is seen playing basketball in the house. Angre comes with some papers to sign. Vansh asks him whom he feels is the one trying to play with him. Angre says that Aryan’s name was taken but if he is so sure that Ridhima is behind all this he shall start investigation. Vansh says that he has already started the investigation and knows that Ridhima might try to contact someone again and he will find out who is the third one between them.

Ridhima gets the red cloth from temple and walks away after asking Bappa to help her. Ridhima’s dupatta gets entangled in a nail and she gets scared that it’s someone holding it. She walks away unaware that Aryan is behind her.

Ridhima ties three knots and then throws the cloth out of the window but just then Aryan comes and starts questioning her. He asks whom she is sending the signal too but Aryan drags her downstairs calling Vansh. The latter comes in the hall with Angre hearing their voices. Aryan tells Vansh that Ridhima threw the red cloth outside giving signal to someone. Vansh asks her whom she was giving signal to and warns her that she shouldn’t lie. Ridhima recalls Dadi asking Mrs. Dsouza to take out the ruined spikes because they are inauspicious and tells Vansh that she found some ruined spikes near her room and threw them out since she heard that they are inauspicious. She says that she always try to do something good but he always suspects her. Ishani comes and says that it’s a lame excuse and adds that everything bad started happening since she came in the house so she should throw herself out. Ridhima says that she isn’t making excuses. Vansh asks Angre to bring the red cloth from outside.

Angre goes to the take the red cloth. Vansh asks what if there are no spikes in the cloth. Angre brings the cloth. Ridhima is scared that her lie might get caught after he doesn’t find spikes in the cloth.

Episode ends