Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima goes missing

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima sewing Vansh’s sherwani. She thinks she was so wrong when she came in the house but, today that she saw his reality, he won her love, trust and everything since he turned out the protector of Ragini whereas she was considering him her murderer.

She cannot bear the distance between them anymore and is now keen on winning back his heart. She recalls their moments staring at Vansh who brings her back into reality clearing his throat. She says that she is ready too and then they can go together but he leaves. She says that she will soon prove that she trusts him.

Ishani dashes into Angre who says that she is looking pretty today. She says that she always looks pretty and gives him some sweets asking him to enjoy. Then she walks away. Angre wonders if Ishani is plotting again since she has never talked so sweetly before. He starts opening the box.

Ishani looks at him from a corner and chuckles since she has put a cracker in the box which will explode once Angre opens it. She gets a message and starts replying. Angre receives a call and leaves the box on a stood walking away.

Dadi finds the sweets box. Ishani turns to look at Angre thinking that only ten seconds are left but is shocked to see Dadi there instead of Angre. She runs to Dadi stopping her to open the box and saying that the sweets are for her.

She insists to let her eat and thinks that only five minutes are left for the blast. She throws the box away. Dadi questions her weird behaviour. Angre comes back and asks about the sweets box. Dadi tells him that it has been dropped because of his wife.

On the other hand, someone covers Ridhima’s mouth with a handkerchief while she is getting ready and she faints. It was Aryan who goes back to Chanchal telling her that Ridhima’s work is done. Chanchal says that she deserves it and remembers her threatening them. She says that Ridhima has the chip though and what if she gives it to Vansh. Aryan says that they searched for the chip everywhere but it was nowhere so it means it is with Ridhima. Chanchal understands that, with Ridhima, also chip will be destroyed. She is happy. Aryan says that Ridhima will be ended with Ravan tonight.

Later, Dadi prays for the evil to be defeated today. She asks Vansh about Ridhima. He replies that she is getting ready. Dadi asks Ishani to go to take her. Ishani complains in her mind and goes to take Ridhima but comes back saying that Ridhima is not in her room. Vansh wonders where she has gone. He and Angre go to check.

Chanchal and Aryan exchange smirks. Aryan thinks that he has hidden Ridhima in a very special place. He recalls hiding Ridhima in the midst of hay that’s behind the Ravan that has to be burnt. He pretends to be concerned and going to check where Ridhima is.

Chanchal tells Dadi that they shouldn’t let auspicious time go. Dadi says that Ridhima will come as they have gone to search her. Vansh, Angre and Aryan come back informing that Ridhima is nowhere to be found. Vansh says that the phone is switched off too. Aryan thinks that he has thought of everything. Vansh wonders where Ridhima has gone.

Dadi is tensed about the happenings. Chanchal says that Ridhima must have gone somewhere for important stuff and she will be back and in meantime they can start Vijay tilak with Angre and Ishani. Dadi agrees. Ishani starts doing Vijay Tilak of Angre and complains in her mind. Dadi is sad because Vansh’s ritual hasn’t been done and it’s the first Dussehra after his wedding.

Vansh recalls misbehaving with Ridhima and wonders if she got upset with him. Dadi tells Vansh that she will be back and asks him not to worry. Vansh says that he isn’t worried but Dadi can see in his eyes that he is affected.

Aryan thinks that everyone’s tension will end with Ridhima’s end. Chanchal suggests to do the dehan and Dadi agrees. Vansh wonders how Ridhima can go out when she was ready and she was aware of the pooja and also her phone is switched off. She decides to look for Ridhima again. Aryan thinks that he can search for Ridhima as much as he wants but will only find her ashes after ten minutes.

After a while, Aryan tells Dadi that Vansh is busy searching for Ridhima so this year he should do the dahan. Dadi says that Vansh has done it every year but Chanchal says that it doesn’t matter if elder or younger brother does. Dadi asks them to clear the dirt in their hearts before burning Ravan and adds that they should let Vansh come at least. Chanchal accepts. She thinks that Ridhima was warning them but she doesn’t know that death doesn’t come after warning.

Vansh comes back. Dadi assures him that Ridhima will come back and says that now they should do Raavan dahan. Chanchal thinks that Ridhima’s body will burn in front of Vansh today and he won’t come to know anything. She asks Aryan to start the ritual.

Aryan shoots arrow with fire towards Ravan but misses aim. Chanchal scolds him. He says that he will try again. Vansh says that he should get more kerosine and goes to take. He feels his heartbeat increasing and wonders if Ridhima is in some danger. Chanchal hopes Vansh doesn’t see Ridhima as he starts throwing kerosine around Ravan.

 Vansh notices the pearls of Ridhima’s bangle on hay. Aryan points the arrow at Ravan. Chanchal asks him to hurry up. Vansh understands that Ridhima is in Ravan’s mannequin. Aryan shoots the arrow. Vansh screams Ridhima’s name.

Episode ends

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