Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2020 Written Update: Kabir comes to Ridhima’s rescue

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Angre bringing the cloth to Vansh who opens it to check if the nails are really inside it. He opens the first knot, then the second and then, when he opens the third one, some nails fall on the floor. Ridhima wonders how it happened since she had thrown out an empty cloth only.

In a flashback it is shown that Kabir disguised as an electrician and got the cloth. Through some devices, he heard what was going inside the house and found out that Ridhima lied about the nails being in the cloth. He put some nails in the cloth before Angre could come to get it.

Aryan says that Ridhima is just playing her game. Vansh aks Ridhima why she tied three knots. Before Ridhima can reply anything, Kabir switches off the lights of the whole house. Vansh wonders what happened to the lights. Ridhima walks away.

On the other hand, Rohana tells Ishani that Aryan could never do such a stupidity. Ishani says that Ridhima is very smart and Aryan acts over smart so she shouldn’t keep any expectation from him.

In the meantime, Kabir manages to get inside the mansion. Ridhima thinks that she shall tell Kabir what happened and decides to use the landline hiddenly. When he calls Kabir, she hears his ringtone and wonders if he is in VR mansion.

Ridhima starts looking around when suddenly someone grabs her hand and pulls her inside a room. Ridhima shouts asking him to leave his hand but it’s just Kabir who covers her mouth with a hand and tells her that it’s him only. Ridhima calms down. They hug each other tightly. Title track plays. They break the hug when they hear some footsteps. Ridhima hides while Kabir walks away. Chitwan stops Kabir and asks him who he is. Kabir replies that he is the electrician. Chitwan takes him to the electricity board.

On the other hand, Vansh wonders while the light hasn’t come yet. Ishani comes there and says that she wants Ridhima to be thrown out of the house. Vansh asks her what the reason is. Ishani says that wrong things are happening since the day she has stepped into the house. Vansh refuses so Ishani asks why he can’t do this for his sister. Vansh says that Siya is his sister too and he needs a physiotherapist. Ishani is angry because Vansh always makes her silent when she is the only one who takes a stand against him and asks him why he does that. Vansh replies that she needs to work on her behaviour. Ishani walks away.

Angre goes to the electricity board and understands that someone had come and did something to it.

Meanwhile, Ridhima is very stressed and asks Kabir how he came there and how nails ended up in cloth which was empty. Kabir tells her that he heard everything through a device. They hug. Ridhima cries saying that if he wasn’t there today then Vansh would have ended her. Kabir says that he won’t let anything happen to her. Ridhima tells Kabir all the information about the family and how Anupriya doesn’t want staff to get into family’s personal matters. Ridhima says that Vansh is dangerous and she gets scared when he is around. Kabir calms her down and says that he is there to take her away because he can’t let her stay in danger anymore. He says that the mission is over. He holds her hand and takes her away.

Vansh hears Chitwan laughing and asks him what happened. Chitwan tells him that the electric company seems to be very efficient since they sent two electricians. Just then, Angre comes there and tells Vansh that the fuse has been cute purposely. Vansh orders him to put lockdown in the house and ask security to check the whole house.

In the meantime, Ridhima and Kabir are getting out. Ridhima doesn’t want the mission to be aborted but Kabir says that he doesn’t want to put her in danger continuously. Ridhima asks him to leave. Vansh walks upstairs. Angre goes to the electricity board. Ridhima says that it is important for him to leave from there safely but Kabir is keen on taking her with him, no matter what. Ridhima asks Kabir to trust her and she will manage everything. She adds that now, after meeting him, she is feeling better and won’t be scared. She says that she won’t let his mission fail. Kabir says that it isn’t safe. Ridhima replies that Vansh getting arrested is more important than her freedom. Kabir drops the torch by mistake. Ridhima asks him to leave. Kabir bends to get the torch and just then Vansh comes there and takes Ridhima’s name. She looks at him with wide eyes. Kabir tries to hide. Angre manages to fix the lights which turn on. Vansh walks towards Ridhima who is scared thinking that Kabir is behind her and if Vansh sees him, they will get caught.

Before Vansh can say anything, he hears Ishani yelling at Angre. Vansh walks downstairs and asks Ishani why she is talking to Angre like this. Ishani says that Angre dared stopping her from going outside. She asks if he cares for his servant more than his sister. Vansh says that he is his employee and he is just following his instruction. He asks Angre what happened. Angre tells him that he stopped Ishani from going out but before he can say anything more, Ishani starts yelling at him again. She drops some stuff from her bag and Vansh finds a cutter among those items. He asks Ishani where she was going during the power cut and the lockdown. He asks if she is helping someone to escape. Ishani says that he suspects everybody when the first one who should be suspected should be Ridhima who is standing behind him. Vansh looks at Ridhima with an eye.

Episode ends