Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th July 2020 Written Update: VANSH DECEIVES RIDHIMA

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh asking Angre what happened. Angre replies that he stopped Ishani when she was about to go out and before he can say anything else, Ishani yells at him and drops her bag. Vansh notices a cutter which dropped with her bag and asks Ishani about it.
Ridhima wonders if Kabir put the cutter in Ishani’s bag. In a flashback, Kabir is shown jumping out from window and Angre following him. Kabir runs away and sees Ishani on entrance. He puts cutter in her bag. Ishani is about to leave but Angre stops her and tells her that she cannot go out because an intruder has broke into the house. Ridhima thanks God for letting Kabir escape safely.

Ishani says that the cutter doesn’t belong to her and it is obviously of the introducer who must have slid it in her bag. Vansh says that the issue is not about the cutter but about why she was going out during lockdown and blackout. He asks if she was helping someone to go out. Ishani claps and says that he has made whole house his enemy when the first one to be suspected must be Ridhima. She says that she doesn’t give a damn to him and won’t stand with him like others. Rudra, Aryaan and Rohana come. Rudra says that Vansh is just protecting the family. Ishani replies that he is blaming family itself. Aryan, Rudra and Rohana start arguing.

Dadi comes and asks them to stop. She says that this could never be a house because of their continuous arguments. She wishes for someone to be there to teach them the importance of relationships. She cries. Ridhima comforts her. Vansh comes and promises her to find the one who has made this mess in the house and also the one who has helped him. He walks away after glaring at Ridhima.

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On the other hand, Kabir has injured his foot and his colleague is bandaging it. Kabir says that Vansh can suspect anybody even if it’s family and, as he knew that he would suspect Ridhima for sure, he put wire cutter in Ishani’s back to divert his attention from Ridhima. He is still scared because Vansh won’t stop before finding the intruder.

The next morning, Vansh is playing basketball in the lawn. He asks Angre to go to check CCTV footage. Vansh sees Ridhima picking flowers from garden and putting them in basket. He keeps staring at her. Title track plays. The mirror pieces on Ridhima’s basket reflect the sunlight which hit Vansh’s eye and he misses the shot. He also twists his shoulder and hisses for pain. Ridhima goes to him and asks what happened. Vansh says that he missed the shot because of her. He sits down.

Ridhima asks him to stand up so that she can tell him a stretching but Vansh says that he is fine. Ridhima says that he wouldn’t feel pain if he was fine. Vansh stands up and Ridhima tells him the stretching to do. While stretching, Vansh’s eyes go on Ridhima’s ring and she immediately hides it asking him why he was playing basketball in such anger. Vansh replies that it isn’t just a sport of him, it gives clarity to him but this time it didn’t. Ridhima asks which thing isn’t clear to him. He replies that she is the one whose clarity he is looking for. His shoulder is better now. Ridhima diverts the topic and says that he shows himself strong but he gets hurt with such a twist. Vansh says that it’s easy to handle outer pain but not the inner one which hurts the most. Ridhima replies that she knows that because she is a physiotherapist and has knowledge about pain. Vansh agrees with her.

Ridhima asks how he didn’t come up with any of his theory this time. Vansh says that he heard he shouldn’t be enemy of doctors and lawyers and she could even move his nerve. Ridhima start laughing. Title track plays. Vansh says that her way to hide secrets is as beautiful as her laughter. Ridhima changes topic and leaves taking flowers with her.

Angre comes to Vansh and tells him that they couldn’t get any CCTV footage since it takes time for system to work again after power cut and intruder took advantage of that. Vansh asks her if he brought what he asked for. Angre gives him a box.

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Later, Ridhima is doing physio session with Siya when Vansh comes and forwards that same box to her saying that it’s a fee for helping him with the pain since he is feeling better now. Ridhima says that it was her work so this is not needed. Vansh says that he isn’t used to take favours and they don’t know if life will give another chance. He places box on sofa and leaves.

Siya insists that Ridhima shall keep the gift for her. Ridhima accepts. Siya asks her to open the box. Ridhima does that and sees that it is a phone. Siya says that Vansh never did this for anyone else so it means that he has started trusting her. Ridhima gets happy hearing that.
On the other hand, Anupriya is sitting at table with Ishani and others. She asks Ishani not to be angry on food but Ishani throws the plate away and says that she won’t be able to continue this drama of happy family when there isn’t trust between them. She asks where she was when Vansh insulted him in front of everyone for a servant. Rohana and Anupriya tries to calm her down.

Meanwhile Ridhima enters in the room and is extremely happy because now she can call Kabir whenever she wants and he will be happy knowing that she managed to gain Vansh’s trust. She isn’t aware of Vansh’s plan to trace her call and find the location of whoever she will call. Ridhima calls Kabir happily. Kabir receives call from unknown number and wonders who it is. Vansh and Angre look at a screen showing the location of the one Ridhima has called. Kabir picks up the call and Ridhima tells him that Vansh started trusting her and also gave her a phone which has jammer clearance so she can call him anytime. Kabir asks her to disconnect the call immediately since it’s Vansh’s trap for sure. Kabir cuts the call. Ridhima is stunned. Vansh orders Angre to bring the man Ridhima has called there in ten minutes.

Kabir understands that Vansh might have gotten his location. Ridhima blames herself for being so stupid. She gets a call from an unknown number and picks it up thinking it’s Kabir but it’s Vansh. The latter tells her that he caught her secret and came to know whom she called. Ridhima hears the noise of someone getting beaten. Angre is beating a guy. Vansh says that he will get all the answers now.

Ridhima rushes to the places where Angre and Vansh have tied a guy whose only back is shown. Vansh says that he is used to betrayals so he can recognize lies and betrayals. He says that she will see the consequence of her action. Angre hits the man who falls down and it’s Kabir. Ridhima shouts his name.

It’s only Ridhima’s imagination. She is in car. The driver tells her that they have reached the place. Ridhima wonders if Vansh really caught Kabir. She is very scared. She is crying and sweating. She rushes inside and sees Angre beating a man. Vansh is there too. Ridhima cries. Vansh hits the man who is tied to the chair. Ridhima shouts. She is about to take Kabir’s name but stops. She recalls Kabir making her wear the ring. She also remembers how she proposed him and promised to do anything for him. She has a flash of Kabir coming in the VR mansion and promising her to protect her.Episode ends