Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th July 2020 Written Update: RIDHIMA DECIDES TO ABORT THE MISSION

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh hitting the man he has tied on a chair and Ridhima screaming. She is about to take Kabir’s name but she is left shocked to see another man and not Kabir.

On the other hand, Kabir’s junior asks him why he bought new phone in such a stressful situation. Kabir tells him that he had to dump his old phone because Ridhima called him and Vansh must have traced his location. In a flashback, he is shown throwing his mobile which ends up in the car of the guy that Vansh has caught.

Meanwhile Vansh asks Ridhima why she didn’t complete the name she was taking. Vansh shouts to tell his name and is about to hit him again but Ridhima asks him to stop. She shouts to stop because she doesn’t know him. Vansh says that her lips are lying but her eyes are telling that she is scared to lose someone dear. He grabs the phone and asks why there is her call on his mobile if she doesn’t know him. Ridhima says that he is beating him so much just for a call, but she will tell the truth now if he wants. Ridhima tells Vansh that she wanted to call Sejal but she called a wrong number because she forgot her friend’s number in so much time.

Vansh asks the guy if he knows Ridhima. The guy denies. Vansh grabs the guy’s wallet and sees that he is just a salesman. The guy says that he was going to a conference. Vansh orders Angre to take him away. Vansh is frustrated.

Ridhima understands that the phone was not a fee but Vansh’s new way to spy on her. She blames Vansh for beating an innocent guy without even asking her because of his habit to suspect. She breaks the phone shouting that nobody gave him the right to treat others like this and then leaves crying. Vansh finds everything very interesting.

On the other hand, Rudra is sitting with Anupriya, Chanchal, Dadi and Ishani and ask them to arrange pooja since Vansh is about to crack an important deal which will make him top businessman of India. Ishani says that he doesn’t need God to crack deal and taunts Aryan saying that he should do something except enjoying only. Anupriya scolds her and reminds that they are a family. Dadi asks them to stop and meditate on how Vansh is successful but lonely even though he has such a big family. She says that he has fulfilled all his responsibilities and now they shall find a girl for him and fulfil their responsibility. Anupriya says that Vansh won’t agree. Chanchal says that he won’t agree for wedding after what happened last time. Dadi interrupts her. Anupriya says that Vansh is very busy with work. Aryan says that nowadays he is busy to stay around Ridhima. Ishani calls Ridhima tacky.

Vansh comes and says that it’s enough now. He taunts Aryan asking him to find something to do on his free time. Dadi wants to talk to Vansh but he leaves saying that he is tired.

Vansh is in his room and he wonders how he could make such a mistake. Ridhima comes there with suitcase. Vansh stops her and asks if she doesn’t know that she must ask for permission before entering in someone’s room. Ridhima replies that he doesn’t know that he shouldn’t treat someone like he did just for a suspects as well. She hands overs her resignation letter to Vansh. The latter looks at her shocked. Ridhima says that she was called her for her sister’s treatment because she is precious to him but also the guy who he beat must have some relations. She refuses to work with such an arrogant man who keeps suspecting people, trapping them and leave on miserable state. She reminds Vansh that he brought her there forcefully and since he is so suspicious about her intention then she shall leave. She adds that she is a physiotherapist and cannot see others in pain because of her. She blames Vansh for making her leave a treatment incomplete. She also asks him to stop thinking that he is God. Vansh says that nobody dared talking to him like this. Ridhima interrupts Vansh saying that he got everything on silver platter but nobody slapped him and taught him the difference between wrong and right and that not all people are his servants. Vansh says that she is crossing her line. Ridhima replies that she just wants to tell him what the limit of a person is and he has already crossed it. She says that she is done and walks away with her suitcase. Vansh crawls the resignation letter in a fist.

Ridhima walks towards the gate of VR mansion. She is felling guilty remembering Vansh beating that stranger guy and thinks that he might have died if she didn’t come on time. She also remembers the promise she made to Kabir. She apologizes to Kabir in her mind knowing that the mission is very important to him but she can’t see innocent people getting hurt.

Before Ridhima can cross the gate, it gets closed. She shouts asking to open the gate since she has to leave but in vain. Angre comes and says that nobody can go out without the boss’ permission. Mrs Dsouza comes too and Angre asks her to get Ridhima. Mrs Dsouza walk towards Ridhima who is standing near gate and asks her to go inside. Ridhima looks at Angre.

Episod ends