Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima tries stopping Vansh from watching her and Kabir’s video

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh assuring Ridhima that nothing can happen to her if he is around her. He asks her to sleep and is about to leave but she holds his hand. They look at each other and recall their moments together. They lie on the bed and keep their eyes on each other. Ridhima holds Vansh’s hand. Vansh closes her eyes and wishes her good night. Vansh wonders what’s happening with Ridhima who is looking so scared since she is back from the poolside. He wonders if there is something he isn’t able to see or something she is hiding from him. He stares at her.

The next morning Ridhima is near the dining table when she hears Devraj saying that he is leaving as his work is done. She looks at him and recalls him revealing that he is Kabir. Dadi praises Devraj for his brilliant work in such a short time and insists for him to have breakfast before leaving. He agrees. Ridhima recalls how Kabir yelled at her last night blaming her for falling in love with Vansh.

Kabir walks to the dining table. Dadi says that a wife should be like Ridhima. Kabir agrees that a life partner should be like her only and adds that Vansh is a lucky man. He sits at the table while Dadi goes to get food. He whispers to Ridhima that he is leaving, and she should remember her mission as Vansh must be punished. Ridhima says that the real culprit will be punished.

Kabir gets up and asks her to remove the fog that’s appearing in front of her eyes and confirms that Vansh is the only culprit and they need to gather evidence against him. He grabs her arm and says that they will live happily together after that. Ridhima looks at Dadi and struggles to remove Kabir’s hand.

Dadi turns around and Kabir sits down. Ridhima says that she shall go to give breakfast to Vansh. She walks away. Kabir thinks that he prepared Ridhima with lots of effort and she has to bring proofs against him.

Ridhima is walking in the corridor when she starts hearing Kabir’s voice. It’s the recording of the words he said last day. The voice is coming from the room. Ridhima gets scared thinking that Vansh got to know everything. She walks towards the room and sees the video recording of last night playing on a phone placed on the bed.

Vansh walks inside the room from the washroom and says that he isn’t able to hear properly as water is in his ear. He says that even though he can’t hear temporarily, he can feel everything that’s around. He notices Ridhima holding the tray with shivering hands. He says that everything that happened at the poolside last night has been recorded. Ridhima is shocked. Vansh tells her that she recorded herself.
In a flashback, it’s revealed that Ridhima wanted to take pictures after making a boat with Kabir’s note as she was drunk so she took Vansh’s mobile and, after clicking pictures with him, she started recording video.

Vansh says that both of them were unconscious apparently as he forgot his mobile there too. Ridhima understands that the video must have been on throughout her conversation with Kabir too. She is scared thinking that Vansh cannot come to know about her mission. Vansh asks her to relax and sips tea. He says that he can handle family and business but it’s difficult to handle an intoxicated Ridhima.

He says that it’s ok as she drank for the first time. Ridhima asks whether he watched the full video. He replies that he watched the first part only as she had to leave after that and then went to take shower. He says that there are beautiful memories in the phone therefore they should watch the video together.

He grabs the mobile. Ridhima is tensed. Vansh plays the video and starts watching it but Ridhima says that they will watch it later as he has important work to do. Vansh says that it’s fine since it will take only a few minutes.

The video is interrupted when Vansh gets a call and picks it up. Ridhima thinks that she must delete the video from Vansh’s mobile. Vansh cuts the call and tells Ridhima that the meeting has been postponed so they can actually watch the video calmly. Ridhima insists for him to get ready first and change his blazer. He grabs another one but Vansh says that it isn’t ironed.

Ridhima says that she will iron it. Vansh says that there are other blazers too but Ridhima wants him to wear it. She asks him to drink coffee while she irons the blazers. Vansh puts the phone aside and drinks coffee. Ridhima thinks that she must keep Vansh away from mobile.

Ridhima suddenly burns her hand. Vansh rushes to her concerned and then goes to get medicines. He gets them from the drawer and puts medicine on her wound. Ridhima thinks that Vansh gets concerned by her little wound too and wonders what’s happening. Vansh applies for medicine on her hand and she stares at him. The two share eye lock.

Dadi comes in the room and sees them together so she apologizes saying that she should have knocked. Vansh asks what happened. Dadi says that he looks busy. He assures her that he is not so Dadi takes him with her. Dadi takes him outside but Vansh realizes that he has forgotten his mobile in the room. Ridhima is using the mobile when Ishani comes and snatches it from her hands and asks what she is doing with Vansh’s phone.

Dadi asks Vansh to let it be and asks him to fix the camera he had gifted her which isn’t working. Vansh fixes it and then decides to watch the video of her birthday.

Ishani warns Ridhima that if Vansh catches her with his mobile her chemistry and geography will get ruined. Ridhima tries to get the phone back but Ishani keeps it away from her and warns her that Vansh’s hatred is better than his love and if he catches her betrayal then he won’t spare her and make a statue of her.

Ridhima says that she is a misunderstanding. Ishani twists her hand behind her back and wants to go to tell about the phone to Vansh. Ridhima tries to stop her. Ishani pushes her away making her fall. Ishani leaves. Ridhima is worried because Vansh will come to know her and Kabir’s truth if he watches the video.
Episode ends

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