Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th July 2020 Written Update: Vansh decides to forcefully marry Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima coming back inside the VR mansion. Vansh tells her that Vansh’s world is a cage and its doors can open only when he wants. Ridhima replies that she has resigned so she won’t stay there not even second. Vansh says that she cannot compete against him with a paper and tears the resignation letter in front of her eyes. He says that resigning is possible for jobs only and she is not doing a job here. He adds that he won’t be able leave from here until she or he dies. He knows that she hates his name but now this name will give identity to her. He declares that after three days she is going to be Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania. Ridhima gets shocked hearing it. Vansh smirks and shows a box of vermillion saying that the same man she has been cursing, will make her wear this, and she will also be bound with him with the bangles he shows her. He also shows the mangalsutra saying that it won’t let her go far from him. He asks her to be ready for the future which has all the answers she is looking for. He tells her that now she will understand the meaning of hatred, anger, envy, love.

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Vansh is about to walk away but Ridhima stops him calling him by his full name and she refuses to marry him and not even his power can force her. She asks him what game he is playing. He doesn’t reply. Ridhima says that she doesn’t want to marry him and he cannot take any decision of his life since he is no one to do that. She asks if he has any doubt and wants to trap her or he just wants to take revenge because she hurt his ego. Ridhima asks Vansh why he wants to marry her. Vansh says that that she can think anything she wants but the fact is that only he decides who will enter and who will go outside from this house, not destiny, God or time. He says that she can think that it’s his revenge or plan but she should know that he hasn’t asked for her hand but informed her that she is going to be his wife so she cannot deny. Vansh asks if she understood the meaning of cage: she has no option. He says that she is orphan but she has friends like Sejal or anyone close to her, and asks what if something happens to them. Ridhima recalls memories with Kabir and thinks that she cannot put his life in danger. Vansh declares that he has taken decision of her life so she shall get ready to become Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania. He leaves followed by Angre and Ms Dsouza.

Ridhima goes into her room and recalls Vansh’s words. She says that this man wants to use his powers and play with her but she cannot marry him.

Vansh is in his room on call when Dadi and Siya come. Dadi asks her to cut the call. Vansh does that and asks her to sit but Dadi refuses and says that she couldn’t understand what he has done. She tells him that wedding is not business but a relation between two people. She says that she has never said anything to him because he is handling business well but now she cannot stay silent. He asks Vansh if he asked Ridhima what she wants. She says that she didn’t expect this from him. Vansh apologizes and asks Dadi to understand why he did so. Siya says that Vansh has fallen in love with Ridhima. Dadi gets happy hearing that and says that he should have told her. She is very happy. Siya says that Raksha bandhan is about to come too so now she wants double gift. Vansh agrees to give her anything she wants. Dadi asks Vansh to keep Ridhima happy since now she is his responsibility. Vansh nods in yes. Dadi and Siya leave.

Ridhima cries in her room and says that she is just Kabir’s so Vansh cannot do this. Ridhima imagines herself in the mirror. The Ridhima in the mirror says that she cannot do anything since she couldn’t even leave the house without Vansh’s permission so how can she leave his life. She says that he can’t lose from her and after the wedding she will be caged forever. Ridhima shous saying that he is a devil and she is just Kabir’s. The Ridhima in the mirror says that the truth of today is that she has become Vansh’s obsession so with time she will get used to it. Ridhima breaks the mirror hitting it with a vase and then breaks down crying.

On the other hand, Anupriya is shocked with Vansh’s decision to marry Ridhima during lockdown. Ishani badmouths Ridhima and wonders what Vansh saw in her. Dadi reminds her that Ridhima is going to become the daughter-in-law of the house. Anupriya says that there is no use of discussion so they shall start the arrangements. Chanchal wonders how to do so many arrangements in just three days and she badmouths about Ridhima too. Dadi scolds her and says that it’s good that a nice girl is coming in Vansh’s life so they shall be happy.

Meanwhile Ridhima cries wondering if there is now way to escape from all this. She doesn’t even have any way to contact Kabir. A piece of glass hits her foot. Kabir gets hurt with a stapler and says that if Ridhima was there she would have not bear even such a little scratch on him. He hopes she is fine and feels like she is in danger. Ridhima wonders what Vansh wants but she is sure that she won’t let him reach Kabir.

Vansh thinks that whatever game he plays, he plays it to win only. He recalls Ridhima’s suspicious behaviour and his promise to Dadi to find the one who has created a mess in the house. He says that he will cross any limit to find what Ridhima is hiding.

Episode ends