Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st July 2020 Written Update: Ridhima’s hidden intention behind marrying Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Angre asking Vansh why he decided to marry Ridhima. Vansh says he will get to know later. He asks Angre to give him PD. Angre gives him and Vansh check its details. He further asks Angre to keep it safe and none should come to know about this PD.

There, Singhania’s prepare for Vansh and Ridhima’s pre-wedding. Ishani speaks ill about Ridhima and Vansh asks her to respect Ridhima as she is going to become his wife now. Ahead, Vansh wait for Ridhima. Ridhima comes down and Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her. Vansh says to her that good she followed his order. Ridhima says he didn’t left any option for her. Vansh’s grandmother gives blessing to Riddhima. Ahead, RiAnsh engagement starts. Ridhima recalls her moments with Kabir.  Vansh recalls his moments Ridhima.

Further, Ridhima thinks within three days she will put Vansh behind the bars as she learned where Vansh has hidden his dark secret. She stares Vansh and Vansh looks back at her. Ridhima prays to God and promises that she swears on her love that she will destroy him at any cost.

Next, Vansh celebrates Rakshabandhan and Ridhima takes the opportunity to sneek into Vansh’s secret room. Ishani and Siya ties the Raskha to Vansh. Meanwhile, Ridhima enters into Vansh’s room and Vansh goes behind her. She hides and gets scared seeing him. (Episode Ends)