Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd August 2020 Written Update: Ridhima injures her hand to avoid getting mehendi applied

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima rushing downstairs and asking Mrs D’souza where the garbage of the upstairs rooms is. She is told that it’s in the dustbin near the main gate. Ridhima asks when it gets cleared. Mrs D’souza replies that it will get cleared at 5pm. Ridhima sees that it’s already 3.30 pm and rushes thinking that she has to hurry.

On the other hand, Vansh is tensed because Shera is very important. Angre apologizes for losing it. Vansh asks Angre to check all the corners of the house, including every trash can.

Meanwhile Ridhima is about to get out of the house but Anupriya stops her and asks her to get ready for the mehendi ritual which is in a while. Ridhima says that she will get ready in a while. Anupriya asks why not now since there is nothing more important than her mehendi for her right now. She warns Ridhima that she doesn’t want anybody to hurt her son Vansh and she is not an employee anyone but the daughter in law of the house so she shall act accordingly. Anupriya says that not even Vansh’s mother is allowed to break his rules so she should realize that she has no right to do that too. She asks her to go and get ready and adds that she will keep an eye on her. Ridhima walks away thinking that she has to get Shera from garbage room at any cost.

At the same time, Kabir sees Ridhima and Vansh’s wedding news on newspaper and shouts that it can’t be possible. He knows that it is a new trap for Ridhima by Vansh. She is enraged and worried and wants to go to stop this but his colleague stops him asking him to control himself because he may risk his own and Ridhima’s life. Vansh asks what ese he shall do, he can’t let Ridhima get married to a criminal. He says that Ridhima is not a trained spy but just a sensitive girl so he even wonders what she is going through and how she must be handling all this. He says that he has to stop this wedding and talk to Ridhima somehow because the mission can’t cost them so much.

Ridhima is in her room and she recalls a moment spent with Kabir. They were in her hostel room and she asked him to close his eyes and then showed her hand on which she had made a K inside an heart with mehendi. Kabir said that she is cute and crazy as well. Ridhima replied that she is crazy in his love and she cannot think of anybody else’s name on her hand. Kabir said that he won’t let that even happen. In present, Ridhima says that she won’t break the promise. She burns her hand with the iron. She cries for pain.

On the other hand, Vansh wonders who can be interested in Shera and can dare to get into his secret room. He goes in Ridhima’s room and asks why she didn’t get ready yet. He asks if there is something that he isn’t able to give. Ridhima says that she doesn’t take time to get ready. Vansh asks to show the hand which she is keeping behind her back. Ridhima shows her burnt hand. Vansh orders her to sit down. Ridhima sits on the bed. Vansh gives her first aid box. Title track plays. Vansh sits in front of her and watches her doing her first aid. Vansh comments that it seems like she is enjoying this pain. Ridhima replies that there is an old bond between love and pain and, to understand such deeps things, he needs to have heart and love inside that heart. She asks him to leave now since she has to get ready. Before walking away, Vansh asks why she intentionally burnt her hand. Ridhima says that she was ironing so the hand got burnt. Vansh says that there are servants for all this. Ridhima says that she finds peace in doing her work by herself, be it ironing or handling her pain. Vansh leaves the room. Ridhima shuts the door.

Later, Ridhima walks downstairs thinking that she has just half an hour left to get Shera. Everybody looks at Ridhima when she comes downstairs dressed in grey lehenga. Vansh stares at her. Ishani comments that she doesn’t deserve such a costly designer costume and she must be feeling uncomfortable. Ridhima and Vansh look at each other. Title track plays.

Dadi asks Ridhima to sit. She asks what happened to her hand. Siya says that it got burnt. Anupriya says that it will be inauspicious if mehendi doesn’t get applied on mehendi day. Dadi says that she can apply on her left hand and asks Chanchal to do that since they couldn’t call professional designer because of Coronavirus. Ridhima thinks that she knows she promised Kabir that she won’t get anybody else’s mehendi applied on her hands. She is sure that Kabir, who may or may not know about what is happening, but he is with her for sure. She looks at mehendi cone and feels like Kabir has sent a message with it. She asks Chanchal where the mehendi cone came from. Chanchal tells her that the designer sent them. Ridhima grabs a mehendi cone when Chanchal is distracted and finds a chit from Kabir saying that even if someone else’s name will be written with this mehendi, there will be his love in it. Ridhima smiles thinking that Kabir will soon come and take her. Vansh notices that and wonders why Ridhima is suddenly smiling so much but before he can do or say anything, Dadi calls him.

Ridhima sees the clock and says that she must get Shera before the garbage is taken away but wonders how to go to the garbage room. Siya asks Ridhima to dance. Ridhima hesitates first but then, as Siya insists, she starts dancing with Chanchal. Ridhima drops the chit by mistake and it falls just near Vansh’s foot. Vansh looks down and notices it. He looks at Ridhima who thinks that she will get caught if Vansh reads the message. Vansh bends down to grab the chit.

Episode ends