Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Ridhima finds out about Kabir and Anupriya’s relation

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima wondering what she did to make Anupriya so angry. She is tensed as Ragini’s mystery hasn’t been solved yet and another question has arose. She wonders if Vansh was the kid with Anupriya.

Just then Vansh comes and pats on her shoulder making her wince. He asks why she looks so scared. He tells her that Anupriya can get angry sometimes but there is nothing in her heart, she is just protective towards him.

 He asks her not to take anything she says on heart. He leaves. Ridhima says that she knows every mother is worried about his kid but today’s behaviour of Anupriya was weird. She recalls it and wonders what could be the matter.

Later, Ridhima goes to the kitchen and sees Chanchal making cake. She asks whether she is making pineapple cake. Chanchal tells her that she is just doing the frosting and Anupriya made the cake. Ridhima recalls Anupriya offering pineapple cake to the kid and saying it is his favourite.

Ridhima offers help to Chanchal and she is sure that Vansh was that kid. Vansh comes and sees cake being made. Ridhima says that she will give him one piece of his favourite pineapple cake but Vansh tells her that he hates it.

 Ridhima asks for whom Anupriya made the cake then. Anupriya comes and reveals that she made Siya’s favourite cake for her to cheer her up since she fell from chair and her phone got broken. Anupriya asks Vansh for some time as she is making also his favourite chocolate cake. Vansh says that there is no problem as he would be happy if Siya is happy. Vansh and Anupriya leave.

Chanchal praises the way Anupriya takes care of her children and says that she cannot ever forget her decision to not have any own kid to take care of Siya, Vansh and Ishani. Chanchal leaves. Ridhima is confused and wonders who was the kid to whom Anupriya was feeding pineapple cake. She wonders if it’s Aryaan.

After a while, Ridhima receives a parcel. Chanchal says that it’s her parcel and explains that it’s good if during pregnancy time children pictures are around so she made a frame with Siya, Vansh, Aryan and Ishani’s childhood photos and will put it in Ishani’s room. Ridhima asks whether she can see.

Chanchal shows her and indicates the kids. Ridhima thinks that the kid in video doesn’t resemble Aryan and wonders who he was. Chanchal asks her whether she didn’t like her frame. Ridhima says that it’s nice. Chanchal leaves.

Ridhima keeps wondering who can be the kid calling Anupriya “Maa” as he cannot be Vansh and it wasn’t Aryan. She wonders if she is overthinking and it could be a kid who attended the party. She is about to step on an axe placed on floor but Anupriya moves her aside and warns her to be careful and stay away from the axe as today it was underneath but tomorrow it can be anywhere else. She orders her to stay away from her matters. She leaves.

Ridhima is now convinced that there is a secret between Anupriya and that kid and Anupriya wants to keep her away. She wonders what the secret and relation between Anupriya and the kid are.

Ridhima overhears Anupriya talking on phone with Kabir and saying that their secret was inches close to be revealed. She wonders what the secret is. Kabir says that those days were worst for him since he had to come to VR Mansion hiddenly to meet his own mother.

 He is frustrated because he had asked Ridhima to focus on Ragini but their own pawn keep playing against them. He is afraid that if their relation gets exposed, their mission will be exposed too. Anupriya asks him not to worry.

Ridhima is keen on finding out the secret Anupriya is hiding from her. She follows Anupriya who goes in the room and peers inside discovering Anupriya taking out a key and opening a box in the closet. Anupriya stares at Kabir’s memories from childhood, his locket with name, his toy car, their picture together thinking that she has kept all his memories there. Ridhima wonders whose photo it can be.

Just then, Ishani pushes Ridhima inside the room and blames her for spying in Anupriya’s room after taunting her. Anupriya asks whether her parents didn’t teach her anything and then remembers she is orphan so none could teach her.

 Ishani grins and says that the orphan should get medal for spying. Anupriya says that she is her mother now so she will teach her traditions. Anupriya understands Ridhima has seen that there is the key of the box in the bangle and finds it good as she can play with her now. She gives the bangle to Ridhima asking her to gift it to Ishani as sister-in-law has to give gift to the bride.

 Ridhima grabs the bangle and makes Ishani wear it. Anupriya asks Ishani not to take that bangle lightly as many people have their eyes on it. Ridhima thinks that she has to get the key to solve the mystery of the kid. Ridhima walks away. Anupriya thinks that Ridhima won’t be able to get the key ever now that it’s in Ishani’s room.

At night, Ridhima is seen holding the box which she got from Anupriya’s room once she wasn’t there. She breaks the box slamming it on floor. She finds many pictures of Anupriya with a kid and also with a grown up guy. She finds the face of the guy familiar but cannot remember who he is. She is shocked to find Anupriya’s photo with Kabir.

 She realizes that Kabir was the kid calling Anupriya “Maa” in the tape and wonders why. She finds a card where Kabir has wished happy mother’s day to Kabir. She cries and understands that Anupriya is Kabir’s mother. She cries for the betrayal Kabir gave him.

Kabir is sleeping when suddenly someone splashes water on his face. He wakes up. Ridhima calls him cheater and traitor. She shows the pictures and asks if they are enough to prove his betrayal.

Episode ends

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