Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2020 Written Update: Ridhima loses evidence against Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi asking Vansh to change Ridhima’s bandage. Ridhima says that it’s fine and she will change later. Dadi leaves and Ridhima is about to walk away too but Vansh stops her putting arm in front of her and questions her about her nervous behaviour which always gives impression that she is hiding something. He orders her to sit down and asks servant to bring first aid kit.

Ridhima sits down and is really scared thinking that Vansh will find Shera if he changes the bandage. Before Vansh can touch her hand, Ridhima takes back it and screams a bit pretending to be in pain. Dadi hears and asks Vansh to be careful and decide that he won’t give any pain to Ridhima now onwards. While Vansh is distracted, Ridhima puts Shera inside the bowl containing haldi placed next to her. Vansh changes the bandage of Ridhima’s hand but in the meantime Anupriya takes the bowl with haldi away. Vansh is frustrated thinking that it’s the second day and Shera hasn’t been found yet. Ridhima sees that Anupriya has placed bowl with Shera with other three bowls and wonders how to find the one containing Shera. She thinks that she has to find it at any cost because Shera is the only evidence she has against Vansh.

Dadi takes Ridhima to make her sit on ground and start the rituals. Anupriya applies haldi on Ridhima and says that she has full hopes that she will take care of Vansh and his family. She gives Ridhima a necklace of diamonds and Ishani asks her to keep it safe because it’s real and expensive. Ridhima is busy looking at the bowls and understands that it is not in the bowl from which Anupriya applied haldi. Vansh asks Angre to be alert as nobody can be so smart to take away Shera. Chanchal applies haldi on Ridhima complimenting her that she is looking very beautiful in designer clothes. Vansh sees Aryan going aside to attend a call and follows him. Dadi asks Chanchal to give gift to Ridhima. Chanchal gives her envelope with money. Dadi comments that Chanchal dies on gold. Ridhima looks at the bowl from which Chanchal got haldi and sees that Shera isn’t in it too. Dadi asks Ishani to apply haldi to Ridhima too. Ishani refuses at first but Dadi convinces her. Ishani applies haldi and there is no Shera in her bowl too. Now it’s Siya’s turn and one last bowl is left. Ridhima supposes that Shera is inside it so grabs the bowl and starts applying haldi on Siya pretending to do it playfully but she is surprised to see that there is no Shera in it too. She wonders where it has gone.

On the other hand, Aryan cuts the call seeing Vansh coming. The latter asks him who he was on call with. Aryan asks if there is a new rule in the house according to which everybody shall report to him who he/she is talking with. Aryan is about to leave but Vansh stops him saying that it was an easy question to which he shall give an easy answer. He asks him not to let his heart beat so fast otherwise one day it will stop. Aryan replies that his heart doesn’t fear such threats and he isn’t even planning to go against him. He walks away. Vansh tells Agre that time has come.

Meanwhile, Ridhima is frustrated because she has lost proof against Vansh despite being so close to it. She says that she has to find it before the wedding at any cost. She calms herself down and try to remember what happened in the haldi ceremony exactly. She remembers that Chanchal looked nervous while applying mehendi and she even handed the gift to her with right hand which means that she might be holding Shera with left hand. She says that she has to reach Shera before Vansh.

In Chanchal’s room, she is cleaning Shera which had stains of haldi and she recalls finding it in the haldi bowl. She is very happy looking that it is pure gold and prays to keep getting such golden stuff. Ridhima hides behind the door and sees Chanchal putting Shera inside the safe which is in closet. Chanchal shuts the closet and leaves.

Ridhima is about to walk inside when Vansh speaks from behind saying that stepping inside someone else’s room is a thief’s behaviour. Ridhima says that she had work with Chanchal and asks him to stop suspecting since wedding is tomorrow. Vansh says that he has good news for her and that is that wedding is not tomorrow but today after few hours. Ridhima gets shocked hearing that. She says that she cannot marry him. Vansh walks towards Ridhima who backs off and hits her back against the wall asking what’s the need of changing the date. Vansh says that it’s the first time he is so impatient in his life; he cannot wait to make her Mrs Vansh Raisinghania from Miss Ridhima. He adds that Dadi told him that auspicious time is after few hours so he thought to give good news and now they shall go to tell it to Anupriya. Ridhima is devastated and recalls proposing Kabir for marriage. She wonders how to tell this information to Kabir.

Kabir is in his office and sees news of the wedding getting preponed on internet. He is enraged and says that the wedding cannot happen and heh as to take Ridhima back. Mishra says that military force will come tomorrow and entering in VR Mansion without it is like killing. Kabir says that he will go there anyhow because he cannot let Vansh even touch Ridhima.

On the other hand, Ridhima asks Siya to give her phone thinking to call Kabir and inform him about Shera but the phone comes unreachable. Siya asks him to go to the room where Anurpiya has kept bridal dress and jewels.

Kabir is extremely tensed as very less time is left. He thinks that Ridhima is only his and Vansh cannot snatch her from him. Also Ridhima doesn’t want this wedding to happen and wishes for Kabir to come and stop it.

Episode ends