Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th November 2020 Written Update: Ridhima learns Siya’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with the masked person pushing Ridhima away when she tries to remove the mask and warns to call everyone. Half of her mask gets removed and she is revealed to be Siya. Ridhima has seen her through the mirror and is shocked. Siya runs away. Ridhima is shocked to learn that Siya can walk.

On the other hand, Dadi tries to cheer up Vansh giving him his favourite chole bathure but she fails. She is aware that he is living with a scary storm inside him and it is going to explode soon. Vansh tells her that he is restless since there is something hidden in his heart bothering him. He explains that something precious to him has got lost. Dadi says that if it’s in his fate, then he will get it. Vansh says that he doesn’t know about fate but he believes her words.

Dadi assures that nothing wrong will happen to him if he hasn’t done wrong. She feeds him and suggests him to talk with someone about his tensions, to Ridhima at least. Vansh says that he talked with Ridhima yesterday and asked her not to leave him but it seems she doesn’t care about his feelings. He gets call and leaves. Dadi prays for problems to vanish from Ridhima and Vansh’s life.

Meanwhile, Ridhima calls Kabir informing him that Siya kidnapped Ragini and she isn’t understanding why she is doing so. She feels really bad for Vansh since the person closest to his heart is betraying him. Kabir says that Siya is on wheelchair but Ridhima reveals that she can walk. Kabir is shocked. Ridhima blames herself for taking out Ragini from safehouse and then says that she has to bring Ragini in front of Vansh and erxpose Siya.

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Siya comes and swears to expose her. She is holding a knife. She gets up and blames Ridhima for betraying Vansh and making fun of his feelings. Ridhima questions her deeds too. Siya reveals that she got fine just few days and wanted to surprise Vansh with the good news after he will catch their mother’s murderer but she couldn’t face him after she saw him broken. Ridhima asks about spying and wearing mask.

 Siya reveals that Vansh asked her to keep an eye on her and protect her by not letting her go out since Ragini’s attackers could have attacked her too. Siya adds that she thought she took out Ragini but then thought she is wrong when she saw her praying for Vansh. She points knife at Ridhima and asks whether she married Vansh to spy on Vansh. She shouts. Ridhima winces.

Ridhima confesses that she came in the house as spy. Siya doesn’t let her say anything more and reveals that she recorded this and will show it to Vansh who will learn that the girl whom he gave his heart, has broken it into pieces. Ridhima tries to make her understand that she doesn’t care about Vansh thinks of her right now but just wants to get Ragini back, find her kidnapper.

She assures that she will tell her truth to Vansh one day. She asks Siya one chance and even asks her to kill her if she doesn’t trust her. She adds that spy Ridhima has died long ago and now in front of her there is her sister-in-law who loves Vansh.

Siya replies that her brain is stopping her from trusting her but her heart is giving her a chance. She gives Ridhima 24 hours to change her destiny otherwise she will show the recording to Vansh. Ridhima accepts. Siya is about to leave but Ridhima stops her asking her to accept her one condition too.

On the other hand, Vansh scolds Angre a lot because the cctv footage got lost. After Angre leaves, Ridhima blindfolds him but he gets angry and removes the cloth from his eyes. He sees whole family in hall but gets furious seeing Siya’s empty wheelchair. Ridhima asks him to turn. He is surprised to see Siya standing on her own feet. He goes to hug her happily. Dadi is overwhelmed too. Ridhima asks how the surprise was. Dadi thanks Ridhima because her hands cured Siya. She is proud of her. Ridhima says that the happiness on everyone’s face matters a lot for her.

Vansh thanks Ridhima too. Siya accepts that Ridhima is the best physiotherapist but gives Vansh the credit for what happened since he brought Ridhima in the house. Siya and Vansh hug. Anupriya shares her happiness to see Siya fine as well. Ridhima is happy to see smile on Vansh’s face. She recalls Siya giving her 24 hours. Vansh thinks how to find Ragini. Siya thinks that Ridhima is to be blamed for Vansh’s condition. Ridhima wonders how to find Ragini too.

Episode ends

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