Ishq Par Zor Nahi 18th May 2021 Written Update: Will Ishqi cancel the wedding?

Ishq Par Zor Nahi 18th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi asking the waiter to show the CCTV footage to her as someone spiked her drink yesterday. Waiter says he can’t do that without manager’s permission. Ishqi says where is the manager? Waiter says don’t know when he will come. Ahaan sees them from far. Waiter talks rudely and gets slapped by Mayank. Mayank scolds the waiter. The waiter goes.

Mayank calms Ishqi and says he will help her find who spiked her drink. Mayank says don’t worry about anything and specially Sarla, I will handle it all. Mayank says thank god Ahaan doesn’t hate you or else I couldn’t have handled him. Ishqi thanks Mayank. Ishqi thinks yesterday for sure something wierd has happened. Ahaan sees all this and says good that Mayank is with Ishqu now.

Here, Mayank thinks Ishqi doesn’t remember anything, but I need to make Sonu remember. Sonu is sitting all sad in the room. She gets a msg where there is a image of yesterday and a threatening msg is there that says meet me or else this image will be revealed in front of your inlaws. Sonu worries and thinks how Ahaan and her family always trusted her that she will never break their trust. Sonu cries thinking what should she do? How will her marriage happen now?

Here, Ishqi is standing beside pool and thinking what to do. Kartik sees her and wonders that Ishqi must be confused after last night. He goes to her and says Ishqi I need a suggestion for movie, I am confused between two. Ishqi says tell me. Kartik says one is best friend ki dulhan and another is shaadi ke baad pyaar. Ishqi says I haven’t heard about it but Shaadi ke baad pyaar is better. Kartik says why so? Ishqi says best friend ki Dulhan sounds like cheating. Kartik says marrying without any feelings is cheating to your ownself. Ishqi says I don’t know what is right choice. Ishqi leaves.

Here, Raj and Ahaan talk about where is Sonu. Raj says she texted me last night before sleeping. They decide to find Sonu but not tell anyone as elders might worry. Ahaan thinks if Sonu is angry from me but she can’t be angry as she has never been angry on me. Here, Mayank thinks why did Sonu didn’t reply? Mayank thinks if Sonu doesn’t end her marriage then I will. Mayank sees the elderly and goes to them and says I have pictures of Mehendi and Sangeet you all want to see. They say yes, let’s go. Mayank sets up everything and plans to show the pics and say he doesn’t know where it came from. Mayank smirks. Mayank waits for Ahaan and all to come and then he will start. Dadi says everyone else will be arriving in few hours. Sarla orders a lot but Ginni says we are on diet. Sarla says yes, you are right.

Here, Rhea and Ishqi are talking. Ahaan comes there and says I wanted to talk to you. Ishqi goes. Ahaan asks Rhea to find Sonu. Ahaan comes to Ishqi and ask about CCTV. Ishqi and Ahaan again start fighting about Ahaan blaming girls. Ahaan gives Sonu’s example how she is obedient. Sonu is hiding and listening to it and feels guilty. She goes hidingly. Ahaan and Ishqi go separate ways.

Here, Ishqi spots the person who gave her drink and follows him. He runs seeing Ishqi. Ishqi comes to terrace by following him but is unable to find him. Here, Ahaan, Raj, Rhea and Kartik come to the place where Mayank is setting up his laptop. Savitri is ordered to take something passing by the area everyone is sitting. She feels emotional seeing Ahaan and fears seeing Dadi but the supervisors asks her to hurry. So she goes nervously and bumps the cart into Mayank’s leg making him and his phone fall. Savitri gets scared as Dadi asks who are you. Dadi feels like she is Savitri. But before she can see her. Ahaan comes and asks Mayank if he is okay and also asks Savitri. Savitri goes hurriedly. Sarla and Ginnu taunt about the unprofessional behaviour of the hotel staffs. Dadi leaves worrying. Mayank says but the pics. Chachi says they will see later. Mayank feels angry that his plan is postponed again.

Here, at terrace, Ishqi is shocked to see Sonu on the railing. Ishqi asks Sonu to step down. Ishqi also stands on the railing saying if Sonu jumps then she will too. Ishqi says there is never any end to things, tell me I am with you, we will solve it. Sonu says my marriage is over and shows the pic to Ishqi. She says I can’t live now, I should have listened to Ahaan. Ishqi consoles her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi and Sonu plan on catching the culprit while Mayank listens and is furious.