It is exciting as an actor to be able to be able to play tough characters. – Aneri Vajani

Aneri Vajani who aced the character Malivka recently, in Rajan Shahi ‘Anupama’ is on a break post Khataron Ke Khiladi 12. She shares about taking her good time before taking new project. Aneri also talked about doing webs, bigg boss and other reality shows. Check out exclusive chat with Beyadh fame ‘Aneri Vajani’.

1. You have always been known for your great choice of work are you choosy or what do you look at before saying yes ?

I love my work and i respect it immensely so for me to put so much of my energy and effort into something i have to be totally convinced about it…i am choosy in terms of making sure i take up something I am convinced about.

2. Where do we see you next?

Very soon on platforms that will be widely watched i take time to pick up work but make sure its worthy enough for my fans  to love me.

3. How open are you to OTT?

Very open i really would love to do some great work on OTT. The platform allows such varied content and it is exciting as an actor to be able to be able to play tough characters.

4. What is the real Aneri like ?


5. Do you think the industry has changed over the years from when you started to today?

I think i have changed i have started taking myself as an actor more seriously and hence the work that has come up is also more gratifying. The Industry has changed in terms of content experimenting they have become more open to content across different genres.

6. The last 2yrs of covid was rather difficult for all was it as difficult for you too?

I had a good time with spending quality time with family which otherwise gets difficult work wise it was difficult for all and patience was tested to another level but i think alls well that ends well we r still fighting it but in a better state now.

7. You have put on such a brave front in KKK do we see you in more reality shows hereafter ?

Yes why not if the format is interesting i may. But for now 1 reality show is enough.

8. What is your take on Bigboss will you take it up if offered?

I am not a bigg boss kinda person so for now its no but never say never.