It’s January wedding for Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj!

Their relationship may have seen many highs and lows, they even took time off twice, but TV couple Sheena Bajaj and Rohit Purohit were always certain that they would end up together. And now, the actors are all set to tie the knot on January 22, in Rohit’s hometown, Jaipur.

Sheena confirms, “The wedding is on the 22nd and the pre-wedding functions, including mehndihaldisangeet and engagement, will be held on the previous day.

All functions will be held in Jaipur.” Rohit shares, “We plan to follow both the traditions — Marwari and Punjabi (Sheena is a Punjabi and Rohit is a Marwari).”

Sheena, says that marriage has been a “leap of faith” for her. She shares, “ The only thing I have always been sure of is that I want to be with Rohit at any cost. He made the decision of getting married early and here we are.” Rohit adds, “Jaipur is my hometown so we are getting married in Jaipur and winters is the perfect time for  wedding”