Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 14th August 2020 Written Update: Badrak’s Sly Motive

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 14th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Badrak telling Devendra that existence of any God depends on devotees, he tells to remove the devotion from Bharti. Its time for him to come out, he is hell-bent on eradicating Vaishnavi’s existence from the world. Devendra asks if Bharti is listening to them, he tells they can’t hear anything and gets them into normal state by his powers.

Goddess Lakshmi, Kali, Saraswati come to Vaishnavi and tell about Badrak’s evil motives, Vaishnavi assures them she won’t let him win and decides to foil his endeavours.

Mangu imagines his wife,son and feels sad to see them disappear. Badrak comes and ask to give food in the name of Mata Rani. Mangu scolds him for begging in the name of Mata Rani and tells he hates Vaishnavi because his wife, son died in the journey to Vaishnavi’s yatra. He says only their memories are left in this house. Badrak feels he found the right person to implement his plans, whose devotion turned into anger. He thinks to fill such ppl mind with hatred.

Bharti serves Kheer to Devendra as she made sweet for the first day kitchen ritual. She says Mata Rani loves Kheer and stops realising Devendra’s anger. Shullu comes and asks to take Bharti for Pagphere. Devendra disagrees saying they don’t follow any such rituals. Shullu says there’s Mata Rani pravachan too. Devendra gets more angry on hearing this and throws away food, he says there’s no place for blind devotion here. Bharti reminds him he told they won’t interfere in each other’s devotion, beliefs. He says he told so for wedding to happen. Jyoti tells Shullu to leave as new bride has lot of works to do. Devendra asks Jyoti if she will handle her daughter in law or he should handle. He orders them to clean store room as business related things will be kept there from now on.

Vaishnavi is upset as she senses Badrak will poison Mangu’s mind. Mangu hears his son and wife voice and sees them in the morning. He feels it is his dream, but Badrak comes and tells him its his powers. He says he knows everything, they went to Ganga sagar yatra and his wife, son died. He promises to bring his wife, son to him forever but he has to do one work for him. He says he should go to Vaishnavi’s darbar and do as he says. Mangu says he won’t do anything and asks him to leave as he hates going to Vaishnavi’s darbar.

Bharti tells Jyoti to take rest and she will clean the store room. Jyoti feels guilty as she called her Maa but she can’t do her duties as Maa. Bharti asks her not to worry as she can go to Mata Rani pravachan any other time. Jyoti leaves and Narendra comes and sees Bharti sad.

Narendra sits in forest idle, Vaishnavi comes in disguise of old woman and asks him to take care of his wife. She left her family to stay with him and his family. He thanks her for making him understand his duty and leaves.

Precap: Vaishnavi comes to Badrak to warn of his wrong doings but he challenges her.