Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 15th July 2020 Written Update: Bhairavnath’s Vicious Act

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 15th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Pandit and his wife get overwhelmed seeing idol appearing itself by Vaishnodevi grace. They chant Vaishnodevi name and eat the apple piece which they served as prasad to Vaishnavi idol. They wonder what magic is this that their hunger is gone by eating just one piece. The girl with Vaishnavi gives apple to her and asks her to eat as she forgets her hunger in solving her devotee problems. Vaishnavi smiles and the girl asks reason behind her smile. She says this is the same apple Pandit and his wife offered her as Prasad. They were hungry and didn’t eat for 2 days but still offered her Prasad, that’s why their hunger is filled. She says whoever offers her even a little Prasad on Navratri, their hunger will be filled, no one will sleep with empty stomach on those 9 days.

Bhairav nath tells Vibhuti nath that now he will take him to Vaishnavi and asks him to tie cloth over his eyes.

Vaishnavi and her aides sit for dinner. A girl asks why there is extra plate of food, is there anyone coming for dinner. Vaishnavi says she wants to feed a person but doesn’t know if the person is willing to eat here or not.

Bhairav nath and Vibhuti nath reach the place and Bhairav nath asks if he sees Vaishnavi here, Vibhuti replies positively and then removes black cloth on Bhairav nath eyes. But now they don’t see Vaishnavi as she creates magic web around her. Her aides say unless Vaishnavi wants to meet, they can’t see her. Vibhuti nath gets happy seeing food there but Bhairav nath scolds him saying he worked so hard to reach this place and he is worried about food and throws the food offered to him. Vaishnavi scolds him not to insult food, Bhairav nath says he doesn’t need food but wants her darshan. She tells him not to waste his skills and reminds him he is a devotee of Lord Shiva.Bhairav nath says she is underestimating his powers.

Pandit and his wife gather villagers and tells them about Kanya Puja and asks them to send 9 unmarried girls to their home for Puja. But a lady denies recalling how Pandit’s wife took her son away. Pandit says she is lucky to have 2 children but his wife is not lucky, that is why they are doing this Puja. Her son also says Pandit’s wife didn’t harm him but fed Laddoo with love. So the lady and all villagers agree to send their daughters for Puja.

Vaishnavi’s aide asks why doesn’t she kill Bhairav nath and end his chapter. Vaishnavi says by killing, sinful person dies but sin in them doesn’t end and it spreads to others. Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati trusted her and made her Paapnashi with their blessings. She says Bhairav nath has good qualities too but nowadays bad qualities are dominating him. She will give him a chance to rectify his mistakes.

Vibhuti nath tells about Pandit Shrinath to Bhairav nath. Bhairav nath says he will make Vaishnavi herself come to him and asks him to get mud from Shrinath house.

Vibhuti takes mud and gives it to Bhairav nath and asks if this is right thing to do. Bhairav nath says if he has to stay with him, he should not ask questions and asks him to go to Kol Kandoli and do as he said.

Pandit and his wife start Puja and wash the girls feet. Bhairav nath is doing evil Puja to disrupt Kanya Puja and tries to make the tree fall on them. Pandit sees a branch of tree falling and he catches it on time saving girls but his hand hurts. He says Tree gives them fruits, why will it hurt them and asks the girls to sit peacefully, he says they are not just girls today but Devi’s. Vaishnavi decides to punish Bhairav nath. Vibhuti nath creates fire in Kol Kandoli. Bhairav nath says whom will Vaishnavi save now, he will disrupt Puja while she is saving Kol Kandoli people.

Precap: The girls faint after eating food in Kanya Puja, their parents come and say they trusted Pandit and what did they do to girls. Vaishnavi’s aide ask her what she will do now to save girls. Vaishnavi says time has come to make amangal as mangal.