Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 24th August 2020 Written Update: Damru defends Lali against his brother

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 24th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Devendra sees Mata Rani temple in Bharti’s room and scolds them. He accuses her of controlling Narendra, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to do this. He starts hitting Narendra, Bharti pleads to forgive them and comes in front of Narendra to stop beatings but Bheema pulls her out. She says Narendra is already injured and weak, he can’t survive more beatings. She cries. She requests Jyoti to stop Devendra from hitting. Jyoti asks them why they did this when she denied them to. She is also helpless.

Devendra tells Bheema to burn the temple, Bharti tries to stop but Bheema burns it. Devendra locks Bharti, Narendra in store room and vows to punish them severely. Vaishnavi is sad seeing their sufferings.

Damru’s brother warns him about Lali’s selfish motive. They don’t know about her history, character. Villagers will mock him if she does anything inappropriate. Lali comes there and tells she married Damru out of love and not for money. They married with Mata Rani blessings. He tells them not to take Mata Rani’s name, if some one hears it and tells to Devendra, he will be punished.

Bharti tells Narendra to chant Mata Rani’s name in his mind. He will feel peaceful. He denies out of fear for his father. She says till when he will fear his father. He closes his eyes and takes Mata Rani name, Vaishnavi feels happy. But he stops and tells he can’t do this.

Damru gifts gold bangles to Lali. She says she doesn’t need them, she only needs his love. He insists her to take it as gift for understanding him. She takes the bangles and smiles. He tries to come closer to her, she feels annoyed and lies that she is doing Mata Rani Vrat.

They have to stay apart for one week. He agrees and decides to sleep on the floor and asks her to sleep on bed. She says she will sleep on floor knowing that he won’t allow her. He insists on sleeping on the floor. She smiles wickedly.

Precap: Lali sees Damru’s brother locking a box full of gold. She tells her brother about it and he tries to break the box. Damru comes there and asks what are they doing..