Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 24th July 2020 Written Update: Vaishnavi beheads Bhairavnath

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 24th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Hanuma asks Bhairavnath till when he will fight, he says till Vaishnavi comes in front of him. Vaishnavi comes and says Bhairavnath insulted his power, Guru Dev , he troubled her devotees and now he is insulting Maha Dev. He is like a black mark in the name of devotion. Bhairavnath says she is looking more pretty while angry. He says she made his lose conscience and took away his peace. She says she is Tri devi offspring, insulting her is equivalent to insulting Tri Devi. Bhairavnath says this is not insult, it is love. He will love Tri Devi too. Vaishnavi gets angry and beheads Bhairavnath. Gorakhnath feels sad for being his Guru Dev.

Goddess Parvati says Vaishnavi did right by killing Bhairavnath, he deserves it. Maha Dev comes to Vaishnavi and says there’s a special relation between lord and devotee, he asks why did she kill Bhairavnath. He says he feels ashamed to consider Bhairavnath as his devotee but promise is promise. She is another form of non-violence, then why she beheaded Bhairavnath. Vaishnavi stays silent, Goddess Kali and Narayan feel she has to speak up to avoid destruction. Maha Dev is about to throw his trishul, then Vaishnavi stops him and tells she was silent because she felt he will understand without any explanation.

She says he also beheaded someone whose head is filled of evil and that’s how Ganesh was born. This is not violence but its shuddi karan. Maha dev says what he did was shuddi karan but what she did is violence because Bhairavnath head is intact and so is his evil. Maha dev curses Bhairavnath to suffer for ages as times change , he won’t change and about to punish him but Vaishnavi stops him and says she already punished Bhairavnath , now she has to protect him.

Bhairavnath calls Mata Rani and asks for forgiveness and repents his sins. He asks her to let Maha dev punish him because he troubled his favorite God and Guru Dev. Narayan says this is first time Bhairavnath addressed her as Mata Rani with pure heart.

Vaishnavi shows Maha dev this is the Shuddi karan as there is no evilness in Bhairavnath now. She blesses Bhairavnath that he will be known as her devotee popularly and the devotees who come for her darshan have to do Bhairavnath parikrama first.

Bhairavnath thanks her and asks for one more wish, he wants to pray to her once, she blesses him with virtual body for sometime. He gets overwhelmed and prays to her. Episode ends on a positive note.

Precap: Narayan asks Vaishnavi to come with them but Vaishnavi denies as she is born on this earth and she will live with her devotees.