Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 27th August 2020 Written Update: Change in Narendra’s behavior?

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki 27th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Damru learns about Lali’s secret affair and her motive behind their marriage. He falls on her legs and expresses his sadness. He doesn’t accuse her but tells he was fool to ignore his brother and villagers words. He was fool to think she could love him. He can’t give his brother’s money to her, but he will give her his savings.


He requests her not to tell anyone that she married him for money. Everyone will mock him. He says he pledged to organize Mata Rani Jagratha with wife after marriage. He requests her to stay till jagratha and leave. He will meanwhile think of a reason to tell people of her absence.

Bharti thinks she met Bhadrak somewhere but doesn’t remind. She asks Narendra if he also feels same. Devendra comes and scolds her for doubting his Guru Dev. He tells her to be in limits and she is servant of this house. He orders her to arrange lunch for his Guru Dev.

Damru goes to Vaishnavi and cries telling she said he will get pure love and ideal life partner, how can her words turn false. Vaishnavi says everything isn’t as it seems. Truth can be different. He invites Mata Rani to Jagratha at his home in the evening. Lali has mixed feelings, one side she is feeling emotional about Damru, other side her greed for money. Her alter ego reminds her of her aim.

Bharti serves lunch to Bhadrak, there are ants in the food. Bhadrak asks if Devendra invited to insult him. Devendra scolds Bharti if she did this intentionally. Bharti denies saying she prepared food with so much care. Narendra scolds her she is always in thoughts of Mata Rani and doesn’t care about anything else.

He says they made food together, he left for few minutes and she did this. He reminds her, his father brought her as servant to this house. Later Narendra consoles Bharti when she cries. She wonders about his behavioral change. She thinks if this is affect of Bhadrak.

Damru’s brother doesn’t give him permission for Jagratha at their home. He says he allowed him to be a Mata Rani’s devotee but can’t allow this. If Devendra comes to know about Jagratha, he will be finished. Damru says he has equal rights in this house and will organize jagratha. His brother gets angry and threatens to throw him out of house. Damru says he himself will leave the house after Jagratha. Lali hears all this standing behind wall.

Bharti comes to Vaishnavi, she asks if she told in house about coming here. Bharti says she won’t be allowed to come if she told. Vaishnavi says she knows this but she is a wife now and husband-wife relation shouldn’t have secrets.

Vaishnavi says Narendra never stopped her, Bharti says yes, but his behavior is different today and shares what all happened. Vaishnavi motivates her. Bharti says she won’t have any fear if Mata Rani is with her. Vaishnavi blesses her.

Precap: Vaishnavi comes as a normal woman to Jagratha. Lali’s partner captures Damru but Lali says to leave Damru and not harm him. Bharti says Narendra she met Vaishnavi, but he scolds her saying Vaishnavi is not goddess but hypocrite.