Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 10th June 2022 Written Update: Purvi leaves Jagannath and Kusum!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 10th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Purvi’s mom asking Purvi if she will stay with her as she has no one else other than her. Purvi says you made me die, so why you want me now? Purvi goes when Kusum starts going. Jagannath stops Kusum and asks why are you making Purvi go back. Kusum says see the situation of her mother, just to make her stay here, you also regret about doing less for your parents what will you do when Purvi also starts feeling this in future, we can’t stop Purvi like this. Kusum goes to Purvi and tries to console a crying Purvi. Purvi says what he did with me I hate him, I can’t forgive him. Purvi cries and says I don’t know what to do, I am feeling very anxious.

Kusum says you must be, as you lost your father, cry as much as you want, whoever he was after all he was your dad, this is life, when someone dies they leave memory. Purvi says I don’t want to remember him. Kusum says you want to forget but you can’t, as your relation broke and turned bitter but now with him gone you can’t make the relation right, I can understand, maybe this is why you are feeling more upset. Kusum says think about your mother who has lost everything, she just has you, atleast me and Jagannath are together but your mother is alone. Purvi says please don’t ask me to go to her, I can’t do it.

Kusum says your mother needs you, if it was in my hand then I would have always kept you, I don’t want you to feel regret later on in life due to this, forgive your mom and give her daughter back to her. Purvi asks if Jagannath is also asking her to leave? Kusum gets silent and gets up. Purvi says will Jagannath not stop me? Kusum says Jagannath also wants this, he won’t stop you either, I have asked your mother to come, she is coming to take you tomorrow. Kusum cries and leaves.

Next day, Dolly and Kashi say how can you leave and you will leave Kusum and Jagannath alone? Purvi says no one is stopping me. Kashi says will you stop if Jagannath stops you? Purvi says yes I will not if he stops me. Kashi says if I stop you then? Purvi says I don’t know what to do. Kashi says please say what I want to hear. Dolly asks Purvi if it’s her. Purvi says Isha gifted me. Dolly says it opens too. Purvi sees it and sees her and Kashi’s locket. She shows Kashi and asks him to make her wear it. Kashi says yes. Kashi makes Purvi wear it. Kashi and Purvi get emotional. Dolly smiles. Purvi and Kashi look at each other emotionally. Purvi says you said you will wait right? Kashi says yes. Purvi says I need some time let this baby be born. Kashi starts crying and smiles. Dolly hugs Purvi. Purvi also gets emotional.

Here, Kusum makes Jagannath wear the sweater to measure it. Jagannath says Purvi is going and you are after this sweater. Kusum says Purvi will go and come but weather will change. Jagannath calls Kusum heartless. Kusum says you want to keep Purvi here always, let her go, let her fly and grow then only she will shine and do wonders. They see Purvi come downstairs. Purvi comes to Jagannath and says I am going, will you not stop me? Jagannath doesn’t answer. Purvi says I don’t want to go.

Jagannath says so you are planning to sit here forever, I got you here for some days and you stayed here only. Purvi says I know you are trying to make me hurt so that I go but in reality you don’t want me to go, I know you this much. Purvi cries and requests Jagannath to say something. Purvi asks if he will miss her. Jagannath stays silent. Kusum says we will miss you a lot. Purvi says then why is he not saying anything? Jagannath smiles and Purvi hugs him.

Purvi’s mom comes and calls out for her. Purvi goes to hug her. Purvi takes a thread of wool from sweater and Jagannath’s sweater gets ripped. Kusum looks on when Jagannath feels hurt. Purvi and her mother hug and cry. Kusum and Jagannath try to give each other strength. Purvi looks back when Jagannath asks her not to look back and go. Purvi says bye and goes. Kusum and Jagannath feels emotional. Purvi’s mother takes her while Jagannath and Kusum look on. Jagannath says to Kusum, at the end it’s only you and me. Kusum says no it’s us but not alone, Purvi has filled our lives with beautiful memories. Kusum says if you ever call Purvi she will come back. Later, Jagannath and Kusum go back to their routine life.

Show ends.

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