Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 30th May 2022 Written Update: Kashi to have a new business!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 30th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Jagannath talking to Kusum about the day they got married, how he knew nothing about her but today he thinks, he would not have been here without her. Kusum gets emotional. Jagannath praises Kusum’s beauty and her support. Jagannath also gets emotional. Jagannath says people call us husband and wife but I fel our relation is much above it. Kusum says you know, once, Purvi had asked me about love. Jagannath says then what did you say? Kusum says she asked me if we loved each other, I said I don’t know what is love but I found a life partner, a friend in Jagannath. Kusum smiles and blushes.

Jagannath says you are right, friendship is the first step towards love. Jagannath asks what should we call your pickle business? Kusum gets surprised. Jagannath says you know, till the time I considered you wife, I thought you are my responsibility and I should earn, what to do, my mom had always taught me this, but now when we are friends, then let’s earn together and divide the responsibilities. Kusum and Jagannath smile. Kusum agrees.

Next day, Purvi is in the kitchen makes tea as Jagannath likes. Jagannath comes and smiles. Jagannath praises the smell from tea. Jagannath asks Purvi to show her hand. Purvi shows. Jagannath gives her a pen. Jagannath says this is a fountain pen in which ink is filled. Purvi says why are you giving me this? Jagannath says yeah this is right, you all type on computer, in our times we used this and my dad gave me this on my first promotion, I am giving you for your job’s first day achievement. Purvi gets surprised and smiles. Jagannath praises her and blesses her. Purvi is lost in her thoughts when the tea gets over boiled.

Isha comes and says look out. Isha lowers the flame while Purvi says sorry. Isha teases Purvi for getting someone handsome in office. Purvi says no. Purvi asks Isha to come to office with her. Purvi says how Kashi was with her yesterday. Isha says okay. Isha gets sad. Purvi notices it and asks if she is sad? Isha says no, Kashi is always there for others. Purvi asks Isha to spend some time with Kashi as he is upset after the selling of his business. Isha asks Purvi to go outside and get ready while she gets the tea. Purvi goes.

Here, Kusum comes with raw materials for pickle using labour. Labours ask for money while Kusum tries to bargain. Jagannath asks Kusum not to negotiate with these small labours. Kusum gets upset as the labours are asking for more money that it is. Still, Kusum gives the money to labours. Kusum gets upset and sits. Isha comes with tea and serves Jagannath. Isha also gives Kusum when Jagannath asks Isha to give Kusum cold water as her mood is upset. Isha says to Kusum, you know Jagannath was missing you since morning. Jagannath stays silent. Jagannath sees the bags and asks what is in it? Kusum says raw materials for pickles, and you should keep the documents and revenue thing intact.

Jagannath says so you are making me assistant. Ishan is in her thoughts so Jagannath and Kusum insist on her saying what’s in her mind. Isha says I was thinking, you guys are doing this to repay Kashi but Kashi will never take it back. Jagannath and Kusum agree. Isha says if you guys don’t mind then I have an idea.

Later, Isha and Purvi talk about pickle company name in Kashi’s house. Kashi sees them and suggests some names. Kashi asks Purvi how come she is not in office? Purvi says the office people were given off for few hours. Kashi says you should be serious about job. Isha calls him an ideal child of Jagannath. Badri comes and says and Kashi is my idol. Kashi asks Badri to find a job. Badri says I already found one, I am working as delivery boy for pickle company, today I delivered to college students and got 211 orders. Everyone praises Badri. Kashi calculates the profit and says not much profit is got. Isha and Purvi ask Kashi to take decisions for it. Kashi asks why? Purvi says because Jagannath and Kusum want you to be 50 percent partner of them in the business. Kashi says so they will make investment and I will take profit, this is not fair. Kashi says I know they are trying to return the money to me, they don’t consider me their own. Kashi gets emotional while Purvi and Isha try to make him understand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi dedicates her own show on Kashi and Jagannath’s issue of money lending to make them understand the importance of each.

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