Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 31st May 2022 Written Update: Kusum and Jagannath convince Kashi!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 31st May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Jagannath helping Kusum with the pickle recipe reading it from a book. Jagannath gets conscious and asks Kusum everything about measurements. Kusum says you leave it, you are just increasing my work. Jagannath says I can atleast do this. Kusum says this is a heart’s work which js done with intuitions. Jagannath says but I am reading from the book only. Kusum says pickle is not made with such measurements, I do it with my experience. Jagannath sees her while Kusum explains about the importance of masalas. Jagannath praises Kusum about her experience on pickles. Jagannath says the knowledge I got in my early ages is not of much use. Kusum says you are thinking too much.

Just then Baby comes calling for Kusum. Kusum says I paid you your salary then what happened? Baby apologies for her behaviour and getting influenced by others. Kusum says let it be, maybe your work was destined to be till now. Baby says my biggest mistake was going to Beena’s house, they make me so hard with the same salary and her bahu also blamed me for stealing. Jagannath says blame of stealing is wrong, she has worked for so many years but didn’t do anything like this, you should talk to Beena for this. Jagannath is about to go when Baby asks Kusum to keep her in work again, I did wrong by going back then. Jagannath says apart from us, Purvi also lives here. Baby talks good about Purvi and ill about Babu. Jagannath says you said bad about us and Purvi back then and now also you returned when Beena asked you to leave. Jagannath goes. Baby still requests Kusum. Kusum asks Baby to go for now. Kashi comes to meet Kashi.

Here, Purvi’s show is about to begin when Isha messages Purvi. Purvi tells Isha how she knows about her crush on Kashi and she will help her. Isha blushes. Here, Kashi is emotional and asks Jagannath and Kusum to not think of it as a loan and to repay him. Kashi says it’s your savings, I can’t take it, all your love is so important for me. Jagannath calls Kashi emotional fool and how he can’t be emotional in terms of business and earning. Just then Isha comes. Isha says why is everyone so emotional here?

Isha says you all forgot Purvi’s program time. Kusum asks to turn on the radio. Isha does it. Purvi talks to a old person talking about his kids stating far away. Purvi tries to know about financial support his children providing him. The person says we can’t take money from them, if they require money we will provide them but don’t take it, we have self respect too. Purvi tells how elderlies have their self respect and we should respect it sometimes we confuse it with our dignity, think of it as a blessing and take it. Jagannath and Kashi look at each other. Kusum tries to talk to kashi about how, when he was very little he used to play so much with her, today she is unable to give him anything, so she wants something from Kashi. Kusum asks for Jagannath’s self respect from him. Kashi hugs her and says yes. Jagannath and Kusum give him the money back. Kashi takes it. Kashi says the pickle business name will be Ama’s dular. Kashi says Kusum will be CEO and also you have to keep Baby too as Kusum will be very busy with pickle. Jagannath agrees.

Later, Jagannath starts making pickle and says I did as you said, but I am unsure the taste might differ. Kusum says it’s okay the taste can vary, you can taste it by taking it out in a different bowl. Kusum asks Jagannath to learn always from people around. Jagannath says now I am so old. Kusum says learning has no age. Baby comes and screams for making the floor dirty with masala. Jagannath says don’t bring dirty cloth for wiping near my pickle. Baby says I have to clean. Kusum smiles at their cute fight.

At night, Purvi and Isha discuss about Kashi finally agreeing to join the business. Purvi asks Isha to confess Kashi soon. Isha says Kashi was my childhood crush, but I don’t know now if he is right for me or not. Purvi says he is obviously right, it’s clearly seen from your eyes, Kashi is very caring and the person marrying Kashi will be the luckiest. Isha says honestly, I was jealous of Kashi and you, I thought something is going between you two. Purvi says I never thought of Kashi in that sense and he always knew about Babu. Isha asks what if Babu was never in picture then? Purvi gets thinking.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kusum tells Jagannath how she never experienced love so Jaganath tries to be a good lover.

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