Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Kashi confesses his love to Purvi!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 3rd June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Kusum says I want a promise from you. Kashi says sure. Kusum asks will you marry Isha? Kashi says you are everything for me, I will fulfill my promise but if I marry Isha and you get to know that I love someone else then? Kashi makes Kusum sit and say Isha is very good but she is very stubborn, I am not strong that I will love someone and marry someone, we will find someone so much better for Isha, I am not even educated.


Kusum says but Isha loves you. Kashi says I love Purvi. Kusum is shocked. Kashi says I don’t know what to do. Kusum says but Purvi is pregnant and has baby of Babu. Kashi says it’s her baby, I don’t believe that there is any Babu, it’s only of Purvi, If I love Purvi then I have to accept her as a whole, will you still ask me to marry Isha? Kusum says you are right, Isha is good and will get someone good but Purvi needs someone like you, infact she needs you only, who understands her so well and accept her. Kusum wipes her tears.

Next day, Purvi tries to talk to Isha but she doesn’t talk to her straight face. Isha says you both hid the truth from me. Purvi says trust me, I didn’t know anything, I don’t have any feelings for Kashi. Purvi tries to come close to Isha. Isha asks Purvi to stay away, I hate you. Purvi says I know you don’t, you are just angry, let me help you. Isha says stay away from me, I am not who you think I am, I hit you with stone, it was me in the game, I got jealous of you and Kashi together and I wanted to hurt you. Purvi tries to calm her and hugs her. Isha says I am sorry. Purvi asks Isha if she can trust her. Suddenly, Isha gets a text from Kashi saying he wants to meet you, maybe wants to tell you the feelings. Purvi says can you trust me or not?

Here, Jagannath is shocked to know from Kusum about the love triangle. He worries and says this is the reason I don’t like this new generation love, our generation was much more sorted. Kusum says we can’t go back in time. Jagannath asks Kusum about Purvi’s views? Kusum says Kashi has not talked to Purvi yet, I have asked him to talk to Purvi. Jagannath asks if Purvi will say yes? Kusum says I hope she says yes, she won’t get such a good guy. Jagannath says but Purvi knows about Isha’s liking for Kashi and also she always feel obliged towards us and she might take wrong step. Just then Purvi comes and brings medicines. Jagannath asks Purvi if she is going somewhere?

Purvi says Kashi called me so I am going there. Jagannath says can I talk to you before that? Purvi says sure. Jagannath says you must have heard that opportunities knock at your doors only once, but I feel when someone gets a chance which can give you a different version of life, just then life also gives you some problems, it can be financial or emotional, you are understanding? Purvi says yes a little bit. Jagannath says so that is the place when person should grab the opportunity for her future and not think about destruction.

Purvi says but what if the reason of the problem is our known then? Jagannath says a person knows what is right for them and not, if the problem is due to their own, then also the person should think about future, because if at all someone thinks obliged to take a decision, they will be in guilt and frustration due to it. Purvi nods.

Here, Kashi gets ready and practices to say about his feelings in front of mirror. Kashi overthinks the situation and practices in different ways. Just then Badri comes and tells Kashi to chill as Purvi will not say no. Badri puts some perfume on Kashi. Just then Purvi comes and asks why are you sneezing Kashi? Badri says I feel he is ill, I will go and bring medicines. Badri leaves. Purvi says these sneezing is because of perfume. Kashi says all thanks to Badri. Purvi says you called me? Kashi tries to talk about some work and old clients. Kashi stumbles and says I called you to say something else but I won’t be able to say. Purvi says I know why you called me, to tell me you like me and marry me, but why Kashi? Kashi is shocked.

Purvi says I know you are very good and feel for everyone and help everyone, I remember all your good deeds, I know what is going on your mind, you think I am helpless and pregnant so that is why you want to accept me and my baby, that is why you are sacrificing your real desires. Kashi says no. Purvi holds Kashi’s hand and says I know this is about love so it shouldn’t be about favour, no girl wants such love.

Kashi says I know you are doing all this because you know Isha likes me and you are sacrificing for Isha. Purvi tries to hide her emotions and says no, I don’t want you to sacrifice your real love for me. Kashi says who said I don’t love you and I am saying this just for sympathy, I always felt bad when Baby treated you bad, I care for you and I love you. Kashi pulls Purvi closer and makes her hear his heartbeat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Isha talks rudely to Deepa. Jagannath scolds Isha. Isha calls her dad and asks him to come. Deepa meets her ex husband.

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